Information for Directors of Student Education

For Directors of Student Education, listed below are hyperlinks to information on the committee structure for taught student education, annual quality assurance requirements, and the procedures/guidance for implementing policy areas that fall within their remit.

Meet the Quality Assurance Team

View the responsibilities and contact details for each member of the Quality Assurance Team:

Quality Assurance Timeline

The Quality Assurance Timeline contains quality assurance dates and deadlines for Schools and Faculties.


Committee structure for taught student education

The University operates a system of deliberative committees relating to taught student education. The terms of reference and membership for all taught student education committees operating this session are published in the following TSEB paper:



Programme approval


Action Planning

School Action Plans

Progress on School Action Plans should be routinely considered at STSECs, FTSECs, with reports also being taken to Faculty Executive Committees to ensure that Faculty Executive Deans and Heads of School have clear sight of progress against actions identified. 

The existing template for School Action Plans will remain for 2023-24, with a review to take place for the 2024-25 academic year. 





Student Voices

Accreditation / Professional, Statuatory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs)

A number of our taught programmes have accreditation and additional external reporting requirements.