School Action Planning Process

The School Action Planning process is a holistic approach for the implementation and reporting of all School level actions arising from a wide range of student education review and monitoring activity.

The Action Plan requires identification of key thematic priorities at the start of the year which are discussed and agreed with students. Schools are also required to update their Action Plan in response to relevant student education data and information as this becomes available throughout the session.

The School Action Plans can be found on Sharepoint. 


  • The action plan process requires ongoing reflection in response to the release of relevant student education data and information. Consideration of newly released student education metrics, external examiner reports and the process of programme review informs updates for the submission of an updated School Action Plan to the Annual School Review and meetings of the Faculty Taught Student Education Committee.
  • Actions plans should have a focus on key themes arising from School data as well as actions relating to the University priorities of assessment, feedback and programme organisation and including any student success actions that the School has.  
  • Action plans, co-produced with students, are a standard item on STSEC agendas through the academic year so they can be reviewed and refined as new information arises and progress can be clearly monitored.  

  • School action plans will be the primary focus of Annual School Review meetings. Schools will be asked to discuss their action plans in detail and update on progress in achieving the actions contained within them.  

  • Action Plans should be living documents that are revisited as datasets become available and as actions are addressed 

  • Schools are encouraged to use Student/Staff Partnership meetings, focus groups and other informal discussion to continue to gather feedback from the student body.