Module review

After delivery, each module should be reviewed, using feedback and student achievement, and reported back to students to improve the module in future.


Module reviews should take place after every module is delivered. This review takes into account the results of the student evaluation survey, feedback from colleagues, external examiners and other stakeholders combined with student achievement data. There are templates for recording the review for both undergraduate modules and taught postgraduate modules.


The module review should consider: 

    • the standard data set held in Banner (including student achievement statistics)
    • the collated student evaluation results
    • external examiner comments (where relevant)
    • the potential for improvement.


    There are a set of minimum requirements for module evaluation surveys including seven core statements which must be included. If a module meets any of the following criteria, the module leader should address this in depth in their commentary:
      • fewer than 80% of survey respondents are at least mostly satisfied with the three "gold measure questions":  ("Overall I was satisfied with the quality of the module", "The teaching on this module was of a high standard" and "The module content was intellectually stimulating")
      • student academic performance is below expectation
      • student academic performance is significantly different than previous years.


      Module reviews will be considered by the STSEC (or appropriate sub-committee) and the outcome should be reported to students through the Student:Staff Forum and Minerva or module handbook. The module review reports provide the evidence base for subsequent programme reviews.