Review of Study Abroad/Horizon Year Partnerships

The University has a process of regular review for institution-wide and School-based study abroad/Horizon year arrangements.

The Standing Group on Study Abroad reviews institution-wide partners every six years. Agreements for existing School-based arrangements with overseas partners for exchange of undergraduate and postgraduate students are also the subject of review and renewal after a period of six years, in line with the cycle of School Academic Experience Reviews (SAER). See the University Guidance for the completion of review of Study Abroad/Horizon Year Partnerships.


Reviews of study abroad arrangements consider whether the exchange is balanced in terms of student numbers and continues to be in the strategic interest of the School and the University as a whole.


Review of existing School partnership arrangements are prompted by the Quality Assurance team (QAT) as part of the Student Academic Experience Review (SAER) process, based on a list of on-going partnerships provided by the Study Abroad Office. Reviews should be led by the School’s Study Abroad Co-ordinator and by the Director of Student Education. A standard set of questions are used as a basis for the review. Any outcomes or issues arising from the reviews of study abroad should be picked up as part of the SAER. Recommendations to renew partnerships are considered by the Standing Group on Study Abroad.


Review of existing Institution-wide links are conducted by the Study Abroad Office on a rolling 6-year basis, in consultation with Schools and Faculties. Recommendations for renewal are made to the Standing Group on Study Abroad. The Standing Group on Study Abroad then considers the review information and formally recommends either continuation or withdrawal of the School or Institutional partnership to the Taught Student Education Board.