Programme approval groups

These groups have responsibility for approving new programmes, new modules and major programme amendments.

Programme Approval Groups (PAGs) operate at faculty level, in parallel but convened separately to the Faculty Taught Student Education Committees (FTSECs).  They have responsibility for approving new programmes, new modules and major programme amendments which have been proposed by School Taught Student Education Committees (STSECs). Taught Student Education Board ratifies new programmes and major programme amendments approved by PAGs.


  • PAG meetings are held on a Faculty by Faculty basis (unless considering inter-Faculty collaborations, where specific cross-Faculty meetings will be convened). They are chaired by the relevant Faculty Pro Dean for Student Education.
  • Meetings are held three times within the academic session and in accordance with the FTSEC meeting schedule.  They are held in December, March and June but additional ad hoc meetings can be held if business requires.
  • The Faculty Quality Assurance FPM has responsibility for the maintenance of a Faculty list of anticipated taught programme proposals, working collaboratively with the Quality Assurance Team and Directors of Student Education.
  • Schools need to send any PAG proposals (new programmes/modules or major programme amendments) which STSEC has endorsed to their Quality Assurance team (QAT) faculty contact for onward consideration at a PAG. Read more in Approval process overview.
  • Academic colleagues proposing programme developments are invited to present at the PAG meeting (where this is feasible, otherwise proposals are presented by the relevant Director of Student Education).
  • Following PAG approval, the Faculty Quality Assurance FPM, in collaboration with the QA Team and with central catalogue colleagues, is responsible for ensuring the catalogue entry is accurate.
  • The approval of business will be agreed by the Pro Dean for Student Education once any conditions attached to it have been appropriately addressed.  Approval of new programmes and major programme amendments are then reported to the Taught Student Education Board. 

PAG Papers

Documents, including PAG agendas and proposals are available on SharePoint (by Faculty). These can be accessed by any student or member of staff, but you will need to log on to the system with your University IT username and password.

Terms of Reference

View the PAG Terms of Reference.