School Taught Student Education Committees

These committees have responsibility for monitoring the assurance of quality in their constituent schools.

Faculties are expected to have structures in place through which they can:

  • manage their delivery of student education
  • assure the quality of the learning opportunities and maintain the standards of the University's awards for which they have responsibility under the University's quality structures and procedures
  • identify and disseminate good practice to ensure a continual process of quality enhancement.

This will mainly happen through School Taught Student Education Committees. Core activities of each of these committees are:

  • recommending approval of new programmes and modules to the Programme Approval Group (PAG)
  • approving amendments to modules and minor amendments to programmes, reporting this to FTSEC and ensuring they are published in the module and programme catalogues
  • monitoring the cumulative effect of incremental programme and module change and development
  • overseeing annual module reviews
  • reviewing programmes and submitting review reports to FTSEC
  • forwarding to FTSEC action plans and responses to external examiners' reports/external reviews and visits, for their consideration
  • forwarding accurate and detailed STSEC minutes and reports to FTSEC (via the Quality Assurance team) as soon as possible following each of its meetings
  • considering Student Staff Partnership Forum minutes and monitoring action taken
  • monitoring the delivery, quality and resourcing of teaching within the school budget allocation
  • setting assessment arrangements and procedures
  • keeping  the conduct of examination procedures and recording of results under review
  • compiling and considering annual statistical information
  • ensuring the school's internal quality assurance practice is regularly reviewed and developed in accordance with University policy.

Terms of Reference

You can also download the STSEC Terms of Reference document (PDF).