Programme proposal forms (taught programmes)

A number of forms are available for Schools to use when proposing new programmes of study for approval.  

Programme development and approval is a two-stage process: Stage 1 is Executive Approval from the Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) for a programme to proceed for development. Stage 2 is Full Academic Approval of the programme, where the proposal is considered by a Programme Approval Group (PAG).

Executive approval (stage 1) 

All new programmes require executive approval from the faculty executive before they can be developed for full academic programme approval.

For Executive Approval complete Part A: Executive Approval form (Word).  There is a single executive approval programme proposal form for all types of taught provision.  

Academic approval (stage 2)

Once executive approval for a new programme is granted, the programme can be developed for full academic approval.  You will need to complete a Part B: Full Academic Approval form. 

There are different versions of the Part B full academic approval form.  The version that you complete will depend on level of award and mode of study for the programme that you are proposing.   

Undergraduate programmes

Part B: Undergraduate full-time Full Academic Approval form (Word)

Part B: Undergraduate part-time Full Academic Approval form (Word)

Taught postgraduate programmes

Part B: Postgraduate full-time Full Academic Approval form (Word)

Part B: Postgraduate part-time Full Academic Approval form (Word)

Integrated Masters programmes

Part B: Integrated Masters Full Academic Approval form (Word)

MRes programmes

Part B: MRes Full Academic Approval form (Word)   

The final approved version of each programme must be entered directly into the programme catalogue. See new programme approval

Major programme amendments

These proposal forms should also be used where a School is proposing major amendments to an existing programme of study. See taught programme amendment process.