Presumed leavers

As of November 2019, processes changed for students presumed to have left the University. The below details how a student's failure to attend, register, or return from temporary leave is handled. 

Failure to register

A student may be presumed to have withdrawn if they have not completed full registration for their current academic year by the specified monthly registration deadline. Generally, full registration comprises of both online registration steps and an ID check (see registration guidance for more information). Programmes and Assessment (Operations) may then withdraw the student. If it becomes clear the student is actually in attendance, the school can complete a registration reinstatement form within two weeks of the update and on approval, the record may be reactivated. Further cases may need to go to Student Cases in the Secretariat.

Failure to return from temporary leave 

Where a student has failed to return from temporary leave by their expected return date, students are withdrawn in line with the monthly registration deadlines as above, using the deadline for the month of return.

Failure to attend (amended process from November 2019)

As of November 2019, schools can no longer instigate the former presumed withdrawal request if a student fails to attend for a period of time. If a student fails to attend and the school suspects that they may have withdrawn, the school must follow the Unsatisfactory Students Procedure, which is managed by Student Cases in the Secretariat. More details are on the Secretariat Student Cases SharePoint site.

Leaving date 

The leaving date in Banner will be used to notify external organisations e.g. Home Office and Student Finance England. To ensure the consistency of this information, only the central Student Education Service teams, in particular the Student Services Counter team (not Schools) provide verification of the leaving date.