Presumed leavers

Students may be presumed to have left the University if they have failed to re-register or if they fail to attend for a period of time. A formal process should be followed.

Failure to register and/or obtain student ID card

A student may be presumed to have withdrawn if they have not registered or have failed to collect their student ID card. Programmes and Assessment (Operations) may then withdraw the student.

In this situation, if the student is actually in attendance, the school can complete a registration reinstatement form and the record may be reactivated.

Failure to attend

If a student fails to attend and the school suspects that they may have withdrawn, the school must contact the student in writing (letter/email) advising them to contact the school.

Where no response is received, a further attempt must be made to contact them in writing.

If the student does not respond, the school should instigate the presumed leaver process. Contact Programmes and Assessment (Operations) via email, attach the two written communications from school to student, clearly stating the student ID number and request for presumed leaver process to begin.

Where a student has failed to return from temporary leave by their expected return date, the presumed leaver process will be instigated by Programmes and Assessment (Operations) unless, following communication with the school, an update has been provided.  

Action by the Programmes and Assessment (Operations) team 

Programmes and Assessment (Operations) write to the student informing them that they are now presumed to have permanently left the University.

Programmes and Assessment (Operations) update the Banner student record to a permanent leaver two weeks after the letter is sent.

Where a student queries the letter, Programmes and Assessment (Operations) will liaise with the school.

International students who are presumed leavers should seek immigration advice immediately from International Student Office and will be advised of this on the letter which is sent to them.

Leaving date 

The leaving date in Banner will be used to notify external organisations such as Home Office and Student Finance England.

The leaving date in Banner will be used to notify external organisations e.g. Home Office and Student Finance England. To ensure the consistency of this information, only the central Student Education Service teams, in particular the Student Services Counter team (not Schools) provide verification of the leaving date.

Stopping the presumed withdrawn procedure

Once the procedure has been started, if the school wish to stop the process they must contact the Student Cases team in the Secretariat. The only exception to this is if the School have made an error and the student was actually in attendance.