Presumed leavers

Unexplained absences of over four weeks should be addressed using the Unsatisfactory Work, Attendance and Engagement Procedure (UWAEP) and Standard Operating Procedures for Attendance Monitoring (SOPAM). This page covers actions that need to be taken when it becomes clear a student is no longer engaging with their programme. 


If a student fails to attend and the school suspects that they may have withdrawn, the School must refer to their Faculty/School SOPAM, which addresses the presumed withdrawn processes, and references contact attempts that are discussed in the UWAEP. Please contact your Faculty Programme Support Manager if you require access to your Faculty/School SOPAM. 

Schools must ensure they record at least 2 specific attempts to contact the student as well as inviting the student to a meeting, across a minimum 4-week period. This information is defined by the SOPAM. The Appendix C of the SOPAM should be used to document the relevant contact attempts and attendance issues and submitted to Operations as a request to instigate the presumed withdrawn process.

Please click here to email and access a template email of Appendix C. The UWAEP has letter templates to use for contacting the student. 

Following receipt of a presumed withdrawn request, Operations will produce and send a letter to the student and confirm with the School that the presumed withdrawn process has been instigated. Operations does not update the students record until 10 working days has passed, to allow students to reengage with the school. It is important that Operations are informed if a student reengages in this time so the process can be halted. 

After 10 working days, the School will receive confirmation of record updates and the student withdrawal process is finalised. If a student is in contact with the School after this period, they will need to follow Admissions process and reapply.   


For information on process to follow if a student is withdrawn due to failure to register, please see the Registration guidance pages or contact for information on reinstatements.  


For information on process to follow if a student fails to return from temporary leave, please see ‘Supporting Return from Temporary Leave’ section within the Temporary Leavers webpage. 

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