Monitoring attendance is recognised as an important element in supporting both student retention and performance.

Regular and appropriate attendance is a University requirement, as stipulated in the Curricular Ordinances and Regulations. Many schools have effective methods in place for monitoring unauthorised absence and all schools are supported in monitoring students' attendance in an auditable way.

Taught students

For taught students, failure to attend and/or absence without permission can result in serious consequences for the student through the unsatisfactory students procedure

The attendance of all taught students should be monitored by the parent school, on average weekly throughout each semester, including personal tutorials. Find out more in the attendance monitoring policy.

International students

The University responds to the requirements of the Home Office's points-based system, which means it is required to report international students who fail to fully register when expected or are absent for a prolonged period without authorisation.

Research students

The attendance of all research students should be monitored at certain agreed stages in the research degree candidature, with absences being recorded. The monitored attendance sessions should include all formal supervisory meetings as well as other appropriate events. Find out more in the attendance monitoring policy.

More information

For more detail about any area of student attendance, please consult the relevant policies above,