Registration is an annual process for all students. This page lists downloadable resources for staff to use. 

All students must complete the online registration steps to "register" for each full academic year, this is a different process to module enrolment. New students (those entering a new course via admissions) also need to have their identity checked in order to fully register*. Student ID card collection is no longer a mandatory step for new course registration. 
Further information is available from

Please note, external students (ie they are resitting assessment externally) do not register - you can download more information about external student status and access here. Research students also have slight variations in registration - you can download the Research Student Registration Guide for Schools here.

*There is a small list of courses which are exceptions to the registration requirement of ID card collection/identity checks, principally students on distance learning courses who seldom attend campus. Schools should be aware which of their courses fall within this category, but a full list of exempted programmes can be found within the ARGOS report for "RE students with no ID Checks" (run the dashboard, then select the "Exempted Programmes" tab and click 'Lookup' - individual programmes can also be searched within this tab).  If a student on one of these courses has a UK government student loan they will regardless still need to complete the identity check so that the Funding team can confirm their registration to the Student Loans Company.

Registration contacts

The Registration Helpline deals with general and complex registration queries all year round. During September the team expands from one to about four staff members, dedicated to dealing with calls and emails:
+44 (0)113 343 7000 (outside UK and internal call transfers)
0800 915 0402 (within UK)

For clearly specific queries, students can be directed to the below areas help answer their queries:

Registration downloads

If you find you still have questions after reading this page and the resources above, please contact our shared student records inbox on or call 0113 343 7000.