Registration is an annual process for all students, and it is the School's responsibility to support the students with the process. This page lists downloadable resources for staff to use. 

All students must complete the online registration steps to "register" for each academic year. New students (those entering a new course via admissions) also usually need to have their identity checked in order to fully register*. Registration is a separate process to module enrolment; students do not need to be registered to complete module enrolment. 

Identity checks for 2020

This year, the Identity Check takes place online. Rather than visiting the Great Hall and showing their documents, students submit their documents through an MS Form. Staff process those documents and upload Banner accordingly. The form can be accessed through the link on from 7th September. As well as the identity documents, the MS Form instructs students to upload a passport style photograph. This image is then re-sized and will be uploaded to Banner for staff use. It will also be printed onto the student card.

After completing the online identity check form: 

UK/EU/EEA: the student will receive an email asking them to book an appointment via EventBrite to collect their student card at the Great Hall.

International: the student will receive a holding email. This will explain that the University is awaiting delivery of their BRP. They will receive a second email asking them to book an appointment via EventBrite to collect their student card and BRP at the Great Hall after their BRP has been processed.

All of the emails are sent from The emails will also include signposting information.

Student card collection is no longer a mandatory step registration. 

Further information is available from

Please note, external students (ie they are resitting assessment externally) do not register online - you can download more information about external student status and access here. 

*There is a small list of courses which are exempt from the requirement of identity checks; a full list of exempted programmes can be found within the ARGOS report for "RE students with no ID Checks". If a student on one of these courses has a UK government student loan they will regardless still need to complete the identity check so that the Funding team can confirm their registration to the Student Loans Company.

Registration contacts

The Registration Helpline deals with general and complex registration queries all year round. During September the Registration Helpline will be included within the new Student Enquiries Helpdesk, dedicated to dealing with calls and emails on a wide range of queries: (still operational while remote working & year round)

+44 (0)113 343 7000 (outside UK and internal call transfers) or 0800 915 0402 (within UK) 
Telephone numbers will be operational as the ‘Student Information Helpline’ from 2 September 

For clearly specific queries, students can be directed to the below areas help answer their queries:

Registration downloads

If you find you still have questions after reading this page and the resources above, please contact our shared student records inbox on