Registration is an annual process for all students, and it is the School's responsibility to support the students with the process. This page lists downloadable resources for staff to use. 

This webpage was updated in December 2023 and is correct at the time of writing for students who are starting programmes in the 2023/24 academic year. Please check this page regularly for updates, as new information will be added when it becomes available.

All students must complete the online registration steps to "register" for each academic year. New students (those entering a new course via admissions) also usually need to have their identity checked in order to fully register*. Registration is a separate process to module enrolment; students do not need to be registered to complete module enrolment. 

Changes to Student IT Account Creation Process: December 2023

The way new students access their IT accounts is changing. Now, student access to IT systems depends on their Banner record. IT collaborated with Admissions, Doctoral College, SES, and SIS to define this logic (more info in the links below).

Key changes:

  • Students/PGRs who accept an unconditional offer on or after December 13th 2023 will be sent an email to their personal inbox containing their username and a link to set up their IT account. These students/PGRs do not need to use to retrieve their username like previous years.
  • Students/PGRs who accepted their unconditional offer prior to December 13, 2023 must still use for username and password retrieval.

Guidance for Staff:

We have updated our registration webpage with full guidance for students/PGRs however please can staff direct students/PGRs who are trying to activate their IT account to check their personal email first for an email from IT with the subject line "Your University IT Account.". If they are not able to find this email, please ask them instead to use to retrieve details.

If the individual is unsure whether they have received an email, staff are able to check if a student should have received one using Banner. Student usernames created using the new system will follow a new format of randomised characters – for example, “abcd1234”. Staff can see usernames in SWIGENQ once the record has been fully created (2-3 working days after offer acceptance). Students/PGRs with this username format will receive an email asking them to set up their IT account.

Students/PGRs who still need to use will have usernames that follow the ‘old-style’ format (standardly this indicated the individual’s initials and faculty). These students/PGRs must be asked to go to to retrieve their details and activate their IT account.

Resources available for staff, students, and PGRs on the new account creation process

Students facing issues activating their accounts can contact:

If staff would like further information about IDAM, the project team at are available to answer any questions or concerns.

Identity checks for 2023-24

The Identity Check takes place online and students submit their documents through an MS Form. After the student has uploaded their documents, staff will need to check the documents. If further information is required from the student an email will be sent to the student’s university email address requesting extra information. Staff then process those documents and update Banner accordingly. 

The form can be accessed through the link on the how to complete your identity check webpage.

Once the staff member has processed the documents and completed the identity check, the student will receive an email to their university email address to confirm the ID check is complete and with a link to book an appointment to collect their student card and, if applicable, their Biometric Residence Permit (BRP). All of the emails are sent from The emails will also include signposting information.
International students (including EU/EEA/Swiss) can only complete the identity check when they have arrived in the UK.

As well as the identity documents, the MS Form instructs students to upload a passport style photograph. This image is then re-sized and will be uploaded to Banner for staff use. It will also be printed onto the student card.

Student card collection is not a mandatory step of registration and does not mean that a student has necessarily completed all of registration. 

Further information is available from our Registration pages.

Please note, external students i.e resitting failed modules (without teaching) do not need to complete online registration but must still apply to be an external candidate. Guidance on how students can do this can be found on the external/carried module resits page.

*There is a small list of courses which are exempt from the requirement of identity checks; a full list of exempted programmes can be found within the ARGOS report for "RE students with no ID Checks". These students should not be withdrawn due to failure to complete the identity check if they do not submit any documents.

If a student on one of these courses has a UK government student loan, they will regardless still need to complete the identity check so that the Funding team can confirm their registration to the Student Loans Company.
If an international student on these courses is in the UK for any part of their study an Identity Check will need to be completed when they arrive in the UK. It is a UKVI requirement we check students have the right to study if they are in the UK for the purpose of study.

Registration contacts

The Registration team deals with general and complex registration queries all year round. While the Registration team work remotely, the Student Information Service are available to assist students over the phone, email, and on campus, dedicated to dealing with calls and emails on a wide range of queries. Students with registration enquiries should get in contact with the Student Information Service as the first point of contact.

Email: or (for complex enquiries from students or staff enquiries)

Telephone: +44 (0)113 343 7000 (outside UK and internal call transfers) or 0800 915 0402 (within UK) – both telephone numbers are answered by Student Information Service staff. The Student Information Service are also available on campus.

For clearly specific registration related queries, students can be directed to the below areas:

Registration downloads

Our key documents are available as PDFs as part of the SES Process Library. This includes the Registration Staff guide, Online Registration Walkthrough, and the Reinstatement form. If there are any issues accessing these documents through the Process Library, please let us know at

New student welcome pages and guides

If you find you still have questions after reading this page and the resources above, please contact our shared Student Records inbox on