Explorance Blue Reports

Explorance Blue has a highly configurable report function, including automated reports for module leaders. It also offers the ability to generate aggregate reports, and reports for students. This page gives more information on how the report function works.

Module Leader Reports 

Module leaders will receive a unique report for each module that they teach. The first time a module is evaluated using Explorance Blue, the report will show: 

  • Responses to qualitative questions, displayed as percentage favourable (aka the number of students answering 4 or 5 on likert scale questions), mean and median.  
  • The comments left by your students for each question. If one or more questions do not appear, this means that no students answered these. 

Aggregate Reports 

Explorance Blue allows for the generation of aggregate reports, showing evaluation scores across a school or faculty. This data is now more systematically viewable than it was through Enterprise Surveys.  

Student reports – closing the feedback loop 

Explorance Blue allows module leaders or schools to quickly respond to student feedback through the use of a simple form, which generates a report for all students on a module. Please see ‘The Student Report – Closing the feedback loop’ for further details. Note that in most schools, the Student Report will now replace the Module Review form.