Module evaluations overview

Module evaluation is the process of collecting feedback from our students in order to ensure that their voices inform the development of our modules and our understanding of good practice. This page gives more detail on the University of Leeds approach to module evaluation. 

The University uses the Explorance Blue tool for the collection, analysis and reporting of student module evaluations.

What is module evaluation and what questions are used?  

The questions we ask in module evaluations are the same as they were in 2021/22 and we’ve retained the same approach

  • 10 Likert scale questions, scored on a 5-point scale from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree 
  • 2 free text questions asking what the students liked and disliked about the module 
  • 3 school-based questions OR question personalisation for module leaders 

School-based questions can consist be any combination of Likert scale and free-text questions and are decided by the School/Centre. We are currently piloting a ‘question personalisation’ feature in five schools. This allows modules leaders to include up to three personalised questions instead of the school-based questions and, again, can be a combination of Likert and/or free-text. Further guidance is available in Resources for Module Leaders.

When are modules evaluated and how long do surveys run for? 

Module evaluations will normally run at the end of a module. They usually remain open for a full calendar month, with exceptions around the end of Semester 1 and 2.  

Explorance Blue is a flexible system and if you require an evaluation to run over non-standard dates, this can be accommodated. Please contact with your request, and we will pass this onto the School/Centre’s SES staff who are responsible for inputting evaluation dates. We do need as much notice for this as possible however, as changes cannot usually be accomodated after evaluation surveys have gone live.

Mid-module snapshots: We are piloting mid-module snapshots for year-long modules (also known as long, thin modules) using Explorance Blue. Use of this feature is optional and usually determined by module leader (though in some cases it may be required across a School). Please get in touch with to find out what your options are.  

Who can i speak to about module evaluations?

If you have questions please contact the Quality Assurance Team at for further information, and you’ll be directed to staff within the Team or to local SES staff who work on module evluations.