Invigilator training

To become a University examination invigilator, you must successfully complete our online training. 

If you haven't already applied to become an invigilator, please see the Invigilator recruitment page.

Core training 

Please read the Operational guide for invigilation at the University of Leeds (PDF) to familiarise yourself with invigilation procedures.

You must successfully complete TWO online quizzes before invigilation duties will be allocated to you:

  • Quiz 1: preparing the examination venue before the exam
  • Quiz 2: the role of the invigilator during the examination

The links for each quiz will be emailed to you.

At the end of each quiz, click the 'Submit' button.  Your answers will be marked and submitted to the Exams Office to be reviewed.  Click the 'View results' button to check your answers and find out the correct answers if you got any questions wrong.  

You will be informed of the outcome of your training in due course.


Some invigilators will be invited to work in our temporary examination sub-offices in the exam periods. These invigilators need to complete the relevant online training.  

Sub-office training is not currently available.

Please also read the Operational guide for examination sub-offices (PDF).

Examination Assistants

Invigilators may also want to be considered to work as an amanuensis, typist, reader or prompter during exams. 

Please read the Operational guide for examination assistants (PDF) and inform the Exams Office of your interest.