All student support related policies and guidance; a quick link

This section contains policies and guidance on student support related areas.  It includes academic, policies relating to equity of support, data protection and the Dignity and Mutual Respect policy.  Different headings contain related policies for quick access.

Not all these policies necessarily fall within the remit of Student Support staff to oversee or support but may overlap with some of the queries that you receive either from staff or from students. 

Academic Policies and Guidance 

Appeals (Taught Students) - if a student wishes to appeal a decision, outcome or award. 

Cheating, Plagiarism, Fraudulent or Fabricated coursework 

Extensions to Coursework and Additional Considerations (mitigating circumstances

Fitness to Practice - specifically for students registered on programmes leading to award by relevant statutory bodies in medicine, dentistry, midwifery, nursing, radiography, other healthcare professions and teaching. 

Fitness to Study - if there are concerns that any student, taught or research, is not fit to study. 

Mitigating Circumstances Letters - when Student Counselling Services are asked to provide evidence on behalf of a student

Permanent leave - if a student wants to leave the University 

Reasonable adjustments - adjustments, including assessment adjustments, for disabled students

Referred Students - for students who have repeatedly failed examinations, may lead to exclusion. 

Temporary leave – if a student wants to take time out from their studies 

Unsatisfactory Students procedure (Taught) - for students whose work, engagement or progress is considered unsatisfactory. 

Attendance and Engagement Monitoring 

Attendance Code of Practice (Taught Students) - attendance requirements of students 

Engagement Monitoring - the policy followed to monitor engagement with studies 

Ordinances - information about qualifications and associated regulations 

Peer Monitoring Policy

Personal Tutoring Policy

Proof Reading (Taught components) - policy and definitions 

Quick Guide to Inputting Registers 

Student Cases Onedrive 

Here you can find policy documents and application forms for a host of processes concerning academic integrity, fitness to study, temporary leave, reinstatement, study success, extension to study, special cases, unsatisfactory work and attendance. 


Dignity and Mutual Respect 

Student Complaints 

Confidentiality, Data Protection, Safeguarding Policies and Guidance 

Confidentiality, data protection and respecting the right for confidentiality 

Data Protection



Equity of Support Policies and Guidance 

Equality and Inclusion 

Parents or Carers 

Pregnant Students and Students with very Young Children Trans Equality Policy 


General Student Support guidance

Criminal Records 

Duty Pathway – students in distress of crisis

Harassment and Misconduct Toolkit – supporting students who make a disclosure

Laptop Loans for Students 

Placement and Study Abroad Support 

Risk Assessment of Fieldwork