Risk assessment of fieldwork

Fieldwork is an essential part of University teaching and research, enabling and inspiring many staff and students’ academic and personal development.

Fieldwork includes any activity carried out for the purpose of research outside of the university. This could include archaeological digs, environmental surveys, or interviews. Fieldwork does not include placements but does include meetings and conferences in the UK and abroad.

People organising fieldwork need to use an effective fieldwork assessment process to minimise risk and ensure that as a University we fulfil our duty of care to protect staff, students and other affected people.

Health and Safety Services set out what the University requires of staff and students in respect of fieldwork health and safety considerations along with guidance to help achieve this.

Information provided includes:

  • University standard for risk management of fieldwork
  • fieldwork assessment forms
  • procedure for fieldwork in areas to which the Foreign & Commonwealth Office advise against travel
  • guidance for Heads of School
  • training required
  • risk assessment forms
  • other associated guidance

International postgraduate researchers conducting fieldwork outside of the UK for one month or longer must complete a change of study location form through GRAD