Quick guide to inputting registers

The following is a step by step quick reference guide on how to input attendance registers directly into Faculty Services.

It is expected that this can be used for small group on-campus sessions where a verbal register will be required (i.e. teaching sessions of approximately 30-35 students). This guide should be used in conjunction with the Banner user guide for Faculty Services, where screen shots and further detail can be found.

1. Log in to Faculty Services; https://studentservices.leeds.ac.uk/  and enter unsername@leeds.ac.uk and password (see p 6-9 of full Faculty Services Guide)

2. (from P26 of guide) Click on Attendance Recording Activity List link

  • Choose Term 2020/21
  • From date: enter date of the earliest register from the module
  • To date: enter date of the latest register from the module
  • Activity name: Module code (LUBSXXXX)
  • Click ’Search’ (If you hit enter, it deletes all the information you just entered)
  • Identify the correct register from the list – check the date, the time and the lecture/tutorial/seminar number.
  • Select ‘View’, then ‘Update’ (don’t click ‘all present’ yet) 
  • Select ‘All present’. Authorised absences and requested absences will already be marked on the digital register. 
  • Click on “Absent” for those not in the physical session. 
  • Select ‘Return’ 
  • Click back into the register to mark any absences per student. 
  • Select ‘Save & Continue’ when you have finished marking any absences. 
  • Select ‘Return’

Banner Faculty Service guide

For detailed guidance on how to use Faculty Services, please access the user manual on the IT helpdesk webpage, as follows: 

  1. Login to the IT helpdesk relevant article: https://it.leeds.ac.uk/it?id=kb_article&sysparm_article=KB0012334
  2. Click on the Faculty Services Guide .PDF at the bottom of the page for the full manual. Note: You may be asked to re-enter your Leeds university single-sign-on user credentials.