Change of module

Students can change modules after the module enrolment system closes using an online form

The University allows students to change modules for up to four weeks after teaching starts. However, some schools only allow changes for a shorter period so be careful when advising students about enrolment. Change of module deadlines are from the second week of teaching but vary by school. Some teaching schools require consultation when a student wishes to enrol on or drop one of their modules. Please refer to this list of school requirements, deadlines and contact details

The process for Change of Module after the closure of online enrolment has been moved online for the 2020-21 session, as opportunities for students to have face-to-face interaction with SES staff will be much reduced due to Covid-19.

Once online module enrolment has closed - dates are given in the enrolment guide - students will need to access the online change of module form from the For Students website.

Full details of the new process are detailed in the Operational Guidance.

The Change of Module form closes at the end of week 4 of teaching.

If a student wishes to change modules after the deadline has passed, the proposed change must have approval from the Head of School before the change will be allowed.  Confirmation of approval must then be forwarded to Programmes and Assessment (Exams and Progress).  Late module changes after week 4 of teaching are subject to a £50 late fee.