Fees for leavers

If a student leaves part way through an academic year their fees may be reduced, adjustments are calculated based on the student's leave date in Banner. This adjustment is manual and is done after the receipt of the leavers workflow (UG, TP) or copy of the leavers form (RP).

Student information can be found on our student page: tuition fee liability. This includes information about their statutory right to cancel their contract with the University of Leeds within 14 days of start of term or course start date.

School/Faculty staff are not expected to answer fee queries from leavers. However, students should be signposted to Student Fees as part of the process.

If a student intending to leave has an urgent query about their tuition fee liability we are happy to answer this by telephone 0113 343 6700 or email fees@leeds.ac.uk

Students who wish to speak to a member of the Fees team face to face can be directed to visit Student Fees at the Student Services Counter in the Marjorie and Arnold Ziff building. 

The same calculations process for Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate students is followed for students who are leavers, temporary leavers and presumed withdrawn. For UG or PG temporary leavers who are going to return in semester 2 you will need to refer to our SES page on Returners and reduced fees

Tuition fees for Research postgraduates taking a suspension are not automatically recalculated. If you have a query regarding fee adjustments and suspensions please contact Student Fees 0113 343 6700 or email fees@leeds.ac.uk .

Once fees have been adjusted Student Fees will send a letter to the student at their permanent home address.

Queries or complaints that Student Fees receive disputing the leaving date on this letter will be referred to the parent school.

Leaver's form

Research leavers should be directed to the following guidance pages for leaving their research.

If a taught (UG or TP) student is unable to immediately complete a leavers form please check that this delay will not dramatically impact their fees charged. If a student confirms their intention to leave in writing (eg via email) the date of the email can be honoured if a leavers form is completed and processed within two weeks.

For more information about the taught leavers process please refer to the Student Leavers pages for staff.

Taught student leavers forms must be completed and processed within two weeks of the leave date. If they are not processed in the appropriate timeframe the leave date on the form may not be used and the student may be charged additional fees.

If late processing is due to delays within the parent school (eg incomplete or misplaced form) we may ask for the parent school to pay the additional amount charged so the student is not financially disadvantaged.

UK/EU/CI undergraduate students 

Term Charging dates inclusive of holiday periods  % fee charge
 Term 1 Day 2 of term 1 (term dates from the Almanac) until day 1 of term 2 (inclusive)  25%
 Term 2 Day 2 of term 2 (term dates from the Almanac) until day 1 of term 3 (inclusive)  50%
 Term 3 Day 2 of term 3 (term dates from the Almanac) onwards  100%

Charged per term in line with tuition fee loan liability dates and amounts (ie 25% if students leave in term one, 50% if students leave in term two, 100% if students leave in term three) and set by Student Finance (SLC). UK/EU/CI self funded students are charged using the same calculation.

Students must be registered for one day of the term to become liable for fee payment. If students leave on day two of term they must pay the % fee charge above.

Overseas undergraduates

International students who leave early will be charged monthly based on their start date. This is based on nine months study from the start date of their course. 

For example, if the student left on the first day of the third month, they would incur charge of three ninths of the full fee.

Taught and research postgraduates (UK/EU/CI and Overseas)

All taught and research postgraduates who leave early will be charged monthly based on their start date. This is based on 12 months study from the start date of their course. 

For example, if the student left on the first day of the third month, they would incur charge of three twelfths of the full fee.

When a research student goes on suspension their fees are not automatically recalculated. Overtime (writing up) fees are not reduced if a student takes suspension, completes or leaves during the year.


Students living in University accommodation will need to give 8 weeks' notice and submit a leaver's form, signed by the parent school, in order to be released from their accommodation contract.

More information about students who wish to leave their accommodation can be found on the Accommodation Services website