Tuition fee Scholarships and awards

University departments may make tuition fee awards to students, for example the alumni bursary or as part of a postgraduate research scholarship. To do this, departments should use a FA1 form. Guidance on how to complete a form is below.



  • FA1 Form – can be used to authorise and notify Student Fees of fee scholarships
  • Fee Amendment Form – used to notify Student Fees of an amendment to an existing student fee award
  • Fee Reversal form – used to notify Student Fees of the need to completely reverse a fee scholarship 

Guidance documentation


  • Guidance document – this is a detailed overview of how to complete the forms, where to send them, and how to request an amendment to an award.

Process Overview: Notifying Student Fees 


  1. Individual in the School or Service completes a FA1 form
  2. An Authorised Signatory emails the form directly to (not cc-ed or bcc-ed).
  3. If all necessary information has been provided and sent by an Authorised Signatory, Student Fees will enter the award on the Banner system.  


Student Fees can only accept the approved version of the FA1, Payment Amendment, and Reversal forms due to specific formatting requirements (available above). Any old versions of the form cannot be processed and therefore payments will not be made. Any forms submitted by an unauthorised Signatory cannot be processed. 

Forms, What to Use and How (the Dos and Don'ts) 

Please note that the FA1 form uses macros to facilitate some of the built in functionality and it is important that once you have finished using the FA1 form you completely close down Excel before continuing on with other work. If you do not completely close Excel there can be issues with certain action (such as copy and pasting) that occur as a result of the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programme continuing to run in the background.

We have aimed to keep complexity to a minimum however, if you have any issues inputting information on a form, please contact Student Fees and we will be happy to provide you with extra information or training.

Please check carefully that the SID and Surname has been entered correctly before sending. Note, the first name is not required for GDPR compliance.

Is the student eligible for a scholarship? The Fees team do not audit eligibility. For example, if the scholarship is only valid for alumni or self-funding students you must check this before completing the form.

Has the student been informed? Student fees do not contact students to say an award has been added to the system, you must notify the student to ensure they know about any scholarships.

Please send the completed form directly to (not cc-ed or bcc-ed).

Please do:


  • Check that the Cost Object Number quoted is in a valid format
  • Check that the Student ID number(s) quoted match the student listed
  • Only use one cost object/account number per FA1 form. This will greatly help the student fees team when inputting and reduce input errors.
  • Use a separate form for different academic years or different amounts. This will lessen inputting errors and speed up processing.
  • Preserve the formatting of the form, especially when pasting in data. The font size must be legible in order for Student Fees to be able to process the payment request.
  • Complete the relevant Payment Amendment Form for an amendment to an award that does not result in the student receiving increased money or a total reversal of the award.
  • Complete a Reversal Form where you require the total award to be completely reversed and not just amended.
  • Make sure that the correct academic year is used. If a form is input to the wrong year, the student may not be able to complete registration. 
  • Select the correct GL code for the award:

- 56041 for Alumni Bursary only
- 56042 for Fee waivers (for example, a reduction for mitigating circumstances)
- 56040 for all other awards


  • Select the correct Major Source of Funding code. This is always a two digit code. This is so that we can report scholarship information to HESA, it is essential for processing the form. A list of all the Major Source of Funding codes is provided here.
  • In order to increase an existing award to a student, please send another form for the extra amount only – not for the new overall award total. The amendment form should be sent from an authorised signatory to
  • Check that your Authorised Signatory List is up-to-date.
  • Check that there is enough budget in the account/cost object to cover the award payment.

Please do:


  • Not send replacement/duplicate forms, or forms which supersede previously submitted forms. In the event of a duplicate form being sent, Student fees accept no responsibility for duplicate forms being processed.
  • Not use the FA1 form to pay for work performed by the recipient for or on behalf of the University of Leeds. If you wish to make a payment directly to the student as an award or maintenance, use the MA1 form. These are processed by the Funding team.
  • Not add extra students to a form that has already been submitted. Please create a new form
  • Not alter the form from a landscape set up to portrait as this will affect the ability to input data.
  • Not leave mandatory fields blank.
  • Not scan the forms and send them as pdf attachments.
  • Not send reformat or change any part of the FA1 form.
  • Not re-send forms to in order to query them. Any forms sent to this e-mail address are liable to be paid, so re-sending forms could result in a duplicate payment being made. Any queries should be sent to

Changes to Awards/Querying Awards

If a payment needs to be altered, please email a completed Payment Amendment Form to

If you have any queries regarding the processing of a payment, please contact Student Fees directly for further information.

When to Send an FA1 Form 

Student Fees receive in excess of 5,000 forms each year, mainly during our peak registration period in September. With this in mind, it would be very helpful if FA1’s are sent in advance to ensure processing before registration (but after the general student record has been created in Banner).

Regardless of when the FA1 is processed your account will not be debited until the student completes online registration.

The award must not constitute a refund of an overpayment of accommodation or tuition fee payments made by the student to the University. The student should contact the Fees office directly to discuss the overpayment.

Processing Turnaround

Forms that are correctly completed and authorised will be processed within three working days of receipt. Please note that this may extend to five working days during busy periods.

If forms are completed incorrectly or budgets are exceeded, processing will be delayed and will be three working days from when the issue is resolved. This may require a new FA1 form being submitted with new authorisation.

Retention of FA1 forms

Copies of all FA1 forms should be retained by Schools/Faculties for the statutory retention period. FA1 forms will be retained by Student Fees for two years.


For enquiries and extra help or advice, please contact Student Fees using the information below:

Student Fees

Student Services Centre

Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building

University of Leeds



0113 343 6700

Please send completed forms to Please note that this is an automated email address, no message in the body of the email will be picked up.