Reduced fees and returners

If a taught student needs their fee reducing this must be calculated manually. Schools must notify the Student Fees team for this to happen.

Banner will charge 100% of the fee for the academic session by default. If the student shouldn’t be paying the full tuition fee a manual reduction is required. You can request waivers by Form 21 and reductions using a Form R. A Form Z can be used to cancel a fee if it is paid for by block-funding.

It is the responsibility of the School/Faculty to identify when a reduction is required, Student Fees will not prompt you to submit a form. Student Fees are happy to provide guidance - please email or or call ext. 36700 for support.

Processes may change, refer to this page or the Student Fees team before completing your form or informing a student of the process.

FA1 form – Covering fees (Fee Waivers)

An FA1 form is used when the required tuition fee is charged but all or part of the tuition fee is paid from a University account. SAP account details need to be provided to with sufficient funds to cover the tuition fees. An FA1 should be used in the following circumstances:

  • Reduce/waive fees due to an appeal, complaint, mitigating circumstances
    This may be a decision taken by the School or by the central Student Cases team. In either case, a reduction in tuition fees needs to be covered from a SAP account. When completing the FA1 form you must use GL code 56042 for Fee Waivers.
  • Scholarship or bursary
    If a student is receiving a tuition fee scholarship or bursary the SAP account details must be provided.

More information about completing an FA1 form can be found our page Tuition Fee Scholarships and awards

Form R – Reducing fees

Download the Form R  UG template or PG template

A Form R is used to reduce the tuition fee charged. When a fee is reduced using a Form R financial support, HESA data and funding to Schools will be affected. Fee reductions cannot be reversed.

Re-sitting internally or returning from temporary leave

Students can be allowed to resit their studies internally or return from temporary leave part-way through a year. Students must be charged for the time that they are studying. The charging principles vary to reflect student funding eligibility.

  • Undergraduate Home/EU
    UG Home/EU students will be charged for the term they will be registering for not the credits they will be taking. This is in line with the Student Finance charging policy (100% for three terms, 75% for term 2 and 3 and 50% for term 3 only).
  • Undergraduate Overseas and all Taught postgraduate students
    UG Overseas and all Taught postgraduate students will be charged for the months they are taking or credits they are studying, depending which is cheaper.

Returning students cannot be charged less than the full value of their programme. Reductions and waivers should be provided by Form 21.

One year programmes (eg FT Masters) are not fixed at entry. Students who return in a different session will be charged at the current rate for their programme in the year in which they return.   

Reduced Credits due to Accreditation of Prior Learning

Students who have brought with them credits from a previous course are entitled to a reduced fee in line with their offer letter, this can be requested by completing a Form R.
If you reduce a fee using Form R, this may have an impact on a student's entitlement to University of Leeds and/or external funding.

You must advise each student to contact the Student Funding team so that they understand the financial impact of registering with reduced fees -

Information for students about tuition fee liability can be found on our student pages:

Form Z – Cancelling fees

Download the Form Z template

A Form Z is used to cancel a tuition fee in full. If a fee is cancelled using a Form Z financial support, HESA reporting and funding to Schools will be affected, so a fee can’t subsequently be charged. Multi-lists are accepted.

A Form Z should be only used in the following circumstance:

  • Externally block funded programmes (eg. LETB, HEEYH)
    If your students receive funding in blocks from an external source, such as NHS funding via the LETB or HEEYH scheme

Authorisation and submission

Forms should be submitted before registration but after the general student record in Banner has been created. Forms received before the student has a Banner record will be rejected.

Faculties or Schools may be requested to cover the cost of maintenance and bursary overpayments caused as a direct result of late Form submission.

Form 21, Form R and Form Z must be approved by an authorised signatory. Approval from an authorised signatory by email is recommended, but approval and the correct completed spreadsheet must be in the same email. This supports us when the documents are audited. More information about authorised signatories can be found at

Completed and approved form 21's should be sent to and all other completed spreadsheets should be sent by email to either or