Collaborative programme approval

Collaborative programmes have extra approval and review requirements, which will vary according to the type of arrangement being proposed and whether it is taught or research.

Collaborative provision involves the University working with an external partner, under the governance of a signed legal agreement, to offer educational opportunities for the award of credit. These arrangements are more complex in their structure than internal provision, and therefore follow different approval and review processes.  To gain approval, a collaborative programme must align with the University's strategic aims.

The University's International Office and Quality Assurance Team are responsible for facilitating the approval and review processes for collaborative arrangements, and should be contacted at the outset of the development of the proposal.

Taught programmes

For taught programmes, collaborative provision is a systematic collaborative arrangement for course provision with an external partner under which a student can gain:

  • entry to
  • advanced standing on, or
  • credit for

a taught programme or award of the University of Leeds.


Research programmes

Please contact the Doctoral College for further guidance on the development and approval of collaborative research arrangements.



Read full details of the planning, development and approval of new collaborative arrangements in the Collaborative provision guidance (PDF).


Taught arrangement types and approval forms

The different categories of collaborative arrangements permissible within the University's Collaborative Provision framework require completion of different approval forms.  See collaborative provision approval forms (PDF) which specifies the different arrangement types for individual approval forms, which should be completed in accordance with the collaborative provision guidance (PDF) document.  (Please note that Stage 2: Off-Campus Delivery and Advanced Arrangement Form will be circulated to proposers once the Stage 1: Outline Approval Form is fully completed.) 


University Register of Collaborative Provision

The University maintains an internal record of partnerships taught in collaboration. Please contact the Quality Assurance Team or International Office for details.