Certificates and transcripts

Certificates and transcipts are available to students once they have graduated from their programme of study. They are both produced through a centralised process.

Degree certificate

A student will receive a degree certificate either in person at their graduation or in the post if they are not attending the ceremony.

Producing the certificates is a centralised process. Students have the chance to check their details online and request a replacement or copy if required.

The only information on a degree certificate is a student's name, programme of study, classification and award date.


If a student requires a breakdown of their marks and modules, they can apply for a transcript (included in a Higher Education Academic Record) through the online store.

Higher Education Academic Record (HEAR)

At graduation all undergraduate students will also receive their Leeds for Life Higher Education Achievement Record (LfL HEAR). This includes their academic transcript as well as a record of University prizes and University-validated significant achievements. Students can also access their LfL HEAR on the Leeds for Life website