Training resources for supporting students

The information here is intended to offer a quick link to the right support pathway you need.  It doesn’t replicate the information or guidance from a service, instead it will create a quick one link to their site with guidance on what they can help with.

This is part of developing a new training model for staff we are creating a new online space to make accessing training resources easy. Please bear with us whilst we build up the resources which will be posted following training activities and events.

Post Training support links

Student Support Staff: Essential Skills for Supporting Students/PGR’s in Crisis or Distress
April 2023
Pre Training material – information and links for key services
Understanding Your Role in Supporting Students

Are you concerned about the mental health or emotional wellbeing of a student?

The Duty Pathway will help guide on what the next steps should be.

View the Duty Pathway and contact details

If you feel your student needs emotional or wellbeing support, but it is not urgent, share the Student Counselling and Wellbeing pages for same day support, 1:1 counselling and/or the range of workshops available
For Students | University of Leeds

Support for you

Some situations can be very challenging.  This could be a one off situation, a build up of issues or something that comes along at a time when your life is already full of challenges.  You don’t have to deal with everything yourself.  The Staff Counselling and Psychological Support team can offer a range of support, from one off sessions, regular time to talk, coaching for you or your team and a whole host of training and workshops.

Staff Counselling and Psychological Support | Health and wellbeing | Wellbeing, Safety and Health | University of Leeds

If you are interested in further training please have a look at;

The Principles of PEAS 

You will probably deal with so many different issues, concerns and complexities when talking to students/PGR’s, supporting them deal with whatever life is throwing at their way.  The following set of principles are aimed at guiding your conversations to offer a holistic approach, reminding of the different services that can help and a gentle nudge to self, that you don’t have to take every issue on and resolve it yourself.


  • Find a private space, get a glass of water. This allows you space to breathe before you start. Make referrals to LUU for any practical support as this can help ease the stress.
  • Listen and don’t presume.
  • LUU advice can help on a wide range of practical support for students/PGRs including housing issues, financial worries, academic appeals and much more.


  • Be empathetic, empowering, and person centred. Are there any risks to themselves or others? Are referrals needed for further MH or emotional support?
  • Students/PGRs can access daily wellbeing drop-ins, formal counselling and Mental Health Support, or may need a chat with their GP.
  • The Report and Support site has details of help available for any harassment or misconduct incidents.


  • Any considerations such as exams or assessments?
  • No matter how challenging the situation, stick to processes or in the longer term it could be detrimental to the student/PGR.
  • Students/PGR’s to be part of the right process, or it could impact their academic progression/ financial situation.
  • Check it out if you are unsure what is the right process.
  • Do they need to link in with Disability Services?


  • Next support steps in place for the student/PGR – who needs to know?
  • Record support offered, remember the importance of boundaries.
  • Consider the impact on you - would it help to debrief?
  • Check in with colleagues or access tailored support if necessary. It is important for you to have support when you need it.