How to guide – the Student Report

As soon as your module evaluation reports become available, you will be able to complete the Student Report. This page explains how to complete and submit the Student Report.

The Student Report is a student-facing document and section 1 of the report will be shared with students taking your module once you have submitted it. As such, please ensure:

  • that the language and content of section 1 of the report is student-facing
  • that individual students are not identifiable in the report 

Reports will not be reviewed before their release to students, so please ensure that you are happy for what you have written to be shared before pressing ‘Submit’.

Where do I find the Student Report? 

Navigate to your Explorance Blue homepage: Under ‘My Home’ you will see two sections: 

  • Tasks 

  • Reports   

The Student Report will appear under the ‘Tasks’ section with the wording ‘Complete the questionnaire on [Module Name] for Student Report’. (Please see screenshot below) 

The due date of the evaluation will appear beneath the task.

The Student Report Tasks section


How do I complete the Report?

If the Report is open for completion, a green ‘open’ icon will appear on the right-hand side of the task (once the deadline is passed, the task will show as being ‘expired’). 

Click on the task, and you will be taken to a questionnaire. 

Answer the three questions shown. These are:  

Section 1: Closing the loop – Student-facing Reflections (your responses to these questions will be shared with students on your module, and will also be viewable by your Director for Student Education and other key staff)

  • Provide a brief summary of the key themes arising from the student feedback. (This may include strengths/positive aspects and suggested areas for improvement.) 
  • Outline how the themes identified will inform the development of the module and teaching and assessment practice. (You may also wish to refer here to feedback from prior years or received via other mechanisms eg. Course Representatives.) 

 Section 2: Module Review – School-facing Reflections (your responses to this question will be shared with your Director of Student Education and other key staff)

  • Provide a brief outline of any further reflections on the delivery of the module and any further opportunities for development to align with learning and teaching principles and curriculum themes. 

Once you have answered the questions, press ‘Submit’ to finalise your response. You may also save your response without submitting it if you wish to return to it at a later point.

Guidance on interpreting and responding to student feedback is available here.