Banner 9 FAQs

FAQs for using the catalogues on the new Banner 9 system

How do I access the catalogues? 

You will now access the catalogues from inside Banner. Type SWRMCAT to access the module catalogue or SWPRCAT to access the programme catalogue. 

If typing SWRMCAT / SWRPCAT returns no results in the search bar, please contact us on This will be due to a permissions issue that we can resolve with the assistance of the Banner team.

Is any functionality different on the new system?

The systems have the same functionality as other Banner 9 forms, but in some areas they need to be operated slightly differently. One area that has changed notably is the search function (now “Filter”). It is necessary to navigate to the "Title" tab and to keep using the “Clear All” button to clear your filter between searches. You have to specify the fields you want to filter. We strongly recommend to search for modules by "Subject" and "Module Number" and to search for programmes by "Programme Code". 

Does this mean that the catalogues and Banner databases are now aligned?

Unfortunately not. Although these pages are going to be accessed through Banner, Schools will still need to inform Operations of changes, as they have always done. The information entered in the Catalogue forms will remain separate from the Banner forms used by the Operations team, which they need to maintain as part of a separate process.

What to do if something isn’t working?

Please report any issues with the new system to They can advise or pass on the message to key contacts in IT and / or the Student Lifecycle Programme (SLP) as appropriate.

Can I feedback about my experiences?

Yes, there will be a monthly feedback form being sent to catalogue users for a few months after Banner 9’s release. This form will give you the opportunity to feedback about your experiences of using the catalogues in Banner 9.

Outside of us formally gathering feedback, you are welcome to feedback about your experiences to the Catalogue team ( and the SLP (