Head of Graduate School

The Head of Graduate School  is responsible for shaping the strategic development of postgraduate research in the Faculty. 

They work with the Pro-dean for Research & Innovation to strengthen postgraduate research, to maintain academic standards and assure the quality of the Postgraduate Researcher (PGR) experience, to develop the international reputation of the University, and to increase PGR numbers whilst maintaining quality.

They play a key role in developing and supporting the research environment for PGRs and staff and work to raise the profile of postgraduate study within the Faculty. Guiding the Faculty's postgraduate strategy and policy, the Faculty Head of Graduate School takes a lead on recruitment and studentship matters for PGRs, monitoring of recruitment, progress, examination and completion of postgraduate researchers.

Head of Graduate School role description (Word)

The current Heads of Graduate School are:

Arts, Humanities and Cultures: Dr Mic Spencer
Biological Sciences: Professor Alan Berry 
Business: Dr Dan Coffey
Education, Social Sciences & Law: Professor Stuart Lister 
Engineering: Professor Richard Hall
Environment: Professor Pippa Chapman
Mathematics and Physical Sciences: Dr Kelvin Tapley and Dr Stuart Barber
Medicine and Health: Dr Paul Marshall