Faculty Graduate School Committees 2021/2022 Terms of Reference

Faculty Graduate School Committees oversee Faculty-level strategy and operations on all matters relating to postgraduate research and postgraduate researchers.

Terms of reference

Specifically, Graduate School Committees:

1.    discuss PGR strategy and policy, responding to issues raised by and making recommendations to Graduate Board;

2.    discuss and determine the strategic priorities of the Faculty in relation to PGR, making recommendations to the Faculty’s annual IPE planning process;

3.    make recommendations to Graduate Board (or to the relevant Group of the Board) on the development of new research degree programmes, the withdrawal of any such programmes, and the amendment of existing programmes, and on issues of policy relating to research degree programmes;

4.    take responsibility for ensuring the quality of the research training and supervision of PGRs in the Faculty in line with the University’s Code of Practice for Research Degree Candidatures;

5.    maintain oversight of PGR candidatures, including the monitoring of successful progression and completion rates and responding to any emerging issues identified by the PGR Programmes and Quality Group;

6.    consider reports arising from institutional reviews of PGR activities, oversee the drawing-up of a suitable action plan, and submit a report on actions taken to the PGR Programmes and Quality Group and to Graduate Board; 

7.    recommend the appointment of Directors of Postgraduate Research Studies to Graduate Board;

8.    identify and implement opportunities, alongside those promoted by the Doctoral College to enhance the PGR experience.  Such opportunities include those formed by PGR feedback;

9.    liaise with Doctoral College and Research and Innovation Service colleagues to raise awareness of external funding opportunities for PGR;

10.    oversee Faculty PGR recruitment strategy, in consultation with the Doctoral College and other relevant University or Faculty services;

11.    allocate any funds provided by the Faculty for Postgraduate Studentships or for other purposes (travel grants, hardship funds, and so on), as reserved business, and to determine Faculty priorities in relation to Scholarship candidates in University competitions.


Head of the Faculty Graduate School: Chair
Pro-Dean for Research and Innovation (ex officio)
Directors of Postgraduate Research Studies from each of the Faculties Schools (or other academic units)
Faculty representatives on the Groups of Graduate Board
Directors of CDTs/ DTPs in the Faculty 
Faculty Graduate School Manager 
Head of Doctoral College Operations
One or more PGR reps, as appropriate 
Other members as relevant within an individual Faculty

Meetings per year:   The Committee will meet at least 5 times a year in time for business to be reported to the Graduate Board 
Reporting to:  Graduate Board

[1] The FGSC should not act as a PGR:Staff Forum; if this is required it should be held separately from the FGSC meeting.