Applications for postgraduate research degrees

Postgraduate researcher (PGR) applicants apply online. Applications are handled by relevant Graduates Schools and offers are made by the Postgraduate Research and Operations

How do applicants apply?

PGR applicants can apply online, where they are able to track their application at each stage of the process.  

Schools may be approached by potential PGR visitors. To be eligible for PGR miscellaneous study the applicant must be studying a research degree elsewhere and visiting the University of Leeds to undertake research toward this degree. 

What makes a complete application?

As well as a fully completed application form, the following supporting information is needed before a decision can be made on an application:

  • degree certificate(s) and academic transcripts
  • evidence of English language proficiency if required
  • Either a brief description of the general research area of interest or a research proposal 
  • two references (as advised by the academic school)

What happens after applications are made?

Once an applicant has submitted their application, they receive an automated acknowledgement email. This email will include a reminder of the applicant’s login ID and PIN, which they will need to re-enter the online admission pages to track their application. Once an application has been submitted, the applicant can login and track its progress at any time. 

Once the school has received the application then potential supervisors and other admissions staff will consider it. An interview must also take place.

Once the school has made a decision, Postgraduate Research and Operations will: 

  • authorise the school's decision 
  • check the supporting evidence 
  • issue the offer letter, along with information on how to respond

Fees assessment

In some circumstances it is not clear what fee status an applicant should be. In these cases the applicant must complete a fees assessment form, which is considered by PGR & Operations. All fees assessments undertaken by the University of Leeds are in line with UKCISA guidance.