Research degree examiners: additional information

Additional, programme-specific information is provided to support research degree examiners.

The instructions to examiners are applicable to all research degree programmes of study. However they should be read in conjunction with the additional supplement which is specific to the research degree under examination and details:

  • the regulations for the particular research degree under examination
  • the learning outcomes for the programme of study
  • the types of recommendation which can be made.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 

Information for PhD examiners

Information for practice-led PhD examiners

Doctor of Education (EdD)

Information for EdD examiners

Doctor of Clinical Dentistry (DClinDent)

Information for DClinDent examiners

Doctor of Clinical Psychology (DClinPsychol)

Information for DClinPsychol examiners

Integrated degree of PhD and Masters

Information for integrated degree examiners

Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Information for MD examiners

Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

Information for MPhil examiners

Information for practice-led MPhil examiners

Masterships by research (MA, MSc, MSc Eng, MEd)

Information for Masterships by research examiners