Student Staff Partnership Forums

Student Staff Partnership Forums (SSPFs) are an important formal channel of communication and provide the opportunity for students and staff to work in partnership on matters relating to student education. 

They act as the primary means by which students are consulted on issues relating to the development of the School and, in particular, the School’s approach to the curriculum and the delivery of learning and teaching.

As well as providing an important mechanism for students to raise concerns, SSPFs provide the opportunity for the discussion of matters of interest to students and staff and help ensure that student-informed views are fed into the development of student education. 

  • More information on the principles, terms of reference and reporting requirements can be found here.
  • LUU guidance on the effective running of Student Staff Partnership Forums can be found here.
  • A flow diagram showing how issues are raised and resolved via the Staff Student Partnership Forums can be found here.
  • A template agenda can be found here.

Click here for examples of successful Student Staff Partnership working.