Students can only progress to the next year of their programme of studies or progress to receive their award once they have met certain criteria. 

The minimum attendance, study and credit requirements for awards are prescribed in the Curricular Ordinances and Regulations.  

For students to be able to progress to the next programme year or to the award of a degree, diploma or certificate, they need to have:


  • complied with the requirements of the relevant Curricular Ordinance and Regulations (including obtaining sufficient credits at the appropriate level in the prescribed manner); and
  • met the learning outcomes for the relevant programme year or award as detailed in the programme specification. This includes:
    • passing all modules indicated as "pass for progression/award‟ for the relevant year/award in the programme specification; and
    • meeting any other requirements set out in the programme specification.

However, due to the current situation, for students who were unable to resit failed assessments in August in the academic session 2019/20, where necessary, they have been permitted to progress without having achieved the minimum amount of credits or without having completed pass for progression modules, in the expectation that those students will complete the required credits/pass for progression modules in 2020/21. 

To be eligible for award, students must also have achieved a classification average which is equal to or greater than the prescribed minimum.

Progression and award boards 

Progression and awards boards take full responsibility on behalf of the Senate for the classification of awards to students for whom they are responsible. They work within the agreed framework of the responsibilities of examinations boards and progression and award boards and their terms of reference. They judge all students within the approved procedures, documenting their deliberations and the outcomes agreed and considering all students fairly, consistently and transparently.

Progression and awards boards are required to implement progression or award decisions in accordance with the programme specification.

Progression exercises

Progression is undertaken by Parent Schools for all continuing taught undergraduate students. For returning taught postgraduate students, progression is not necessary. Progression takes place in June after the May/June exams and again in September to allow for updates to be made to students whose progression status has changed following the August resits.

The progression exercise is the process which controls and manages a returning undergraduate student's ability to register online. The eligible to register status (EL) on SWAREGS will be the mechanism to allow students to register online.

The Progression Tool (SWAPRGT) enables you to complete the progression exercise.

Guidance on how to use the Progression Tool can be found in the training manual (B270PT).

For staff who have not undertaken the Progression Tool Computer Based training, email the SIMS training team.