Final results

Marks and classifications must be uploaded into Banner and released to the Exams Team and the necessary signed paperwork submitted by the deadline.

The deadlines for return of marks and classifications can be found in the Timeline of Events.

Return of final marks

Once marks have been agreed by the Exams Board they can be entered into the Banner form SWADMRK (or SWADRMK for resits). Following ratification by both the internal and external examiners they can be released to the Exams Team for processing by clicking the 'Release marks' button.  

Schools are required to email the Exams Team with a full and accurate list of the modules where marks have been approved by the internal and external examiners, and released. The list should include confirmation that the marks have been approved by the internal and external examiners, the full module code and title, the module CRN, and the academic year.

The Exams Team will only roll marks into academic history once the list has been received and the marks will not appear on Minerva for students to view until they have been rolled into academic history.

Schools will be unable to make any further changes to marks once they have been released.  A memo together with the signature or approval of both the internal and external examiners must be sent or emailed to the Exams Team in order for the mark to be changed in Banner. If a mark has been inputted into SWADMRK (or SWADRMK) incorrectly, i.e. an administrative error, then the approval of the internal examiner only is acceptable.

For more information on how to input marks into Banner, please refer to the B220 Departmental Exams Banner training manual.

Return of classifications

Classifications can be released to the Exams Team through the Classification Tool on Banner (SWADCLT). The tool will only allow a classification to be released if all the student's marks have been released by the teaching schools and the mark sheets received by the Exams Team.

Classification sheets must be signed by both the internal and external* examiners and submitted to the Exams Team. 

For more information on using the Classification Tool, please refer to the B273T Classification Tool training manual.

*The Exams Team will accept classification sheets without the external examiner's signature provided that written confirmation is received that classifications have been ratified by the external and that the external's signature of approval will be sent as soon as it is available.

Releasing results in schools to students

Schools may release provisional marks and grades to students when these are available, however final results may not be released to students until after the official results day.

After this time, Schools may post final results within the school (using anonymous mark sheets/pass lists) and offer feedback on performance and information on resits and/or progression to students. 

Release of results by the Exams Team

On the official results day, all marks and classifications which have been rolled into academic history will be released to students on the Results and Resit Application page (available via Minerva).