Resit eligibility and registration

There are special procedures to be followed if a student needs to be reassessed after failing previous assessments.



Undergraduate students who have a start date prior to academic term 2016/2017 are permitted three attempts to pass a module; the first attempt plus up to two resits.

Undergraduate students who have a start date in academic term 2016/2017 are permitted two attempts to pass a module; the first attempt plus one resit.

An exception to this rule is International Foundation year students who studied their foundation year in academic year 2015/2016. These students will continue under the old regulations and will be permitted three attempts to pass a module; the first attempt plus up to two resits.

If you are unsure of the start date of a student, it is recorded in Banner form SWARDAT.

Below are examples of where the old or new rule applies:

Old Rule

  • Foundation year students (both non-international and international) who started their studies in academic term 2015/2016 and who begin studying for a degree starting in September 2016.
  • Students who repeat a year; e.g. due to mitigating circumstances
  • Students who transfer to a new programme of study and do not advance a year; e.g. started a BA English year one in September 2015 and transfers to BA French year one in September 2016.

New Rule

  • Direct entrants who register on year 2, 3, etc. of their programme in 2016/2017 and onwards.

Any undergraduate student who has failed a module will normally be eligible for an August reassessment provided that he or she made a serious attempt at the original assessment in January or May/June; and the format of the original assessment is suitable to be re-assessed in August.

In the following cases, under the old rule, a third and final attempt will normally be permitted in the following academic session when the module is next offered (in either January or May/June):

  • failure in an August reassessment
  • if the candidate has been debarred from the August reassessment (i.e. a second attempt has been disallowed)
  • if the candidate does not apply to sit in August (i.e. the second attempt has been forfeited by the candidate)
  • if the exam has been missed in August without good cause. 


Postgraduate students are permitted one resit attempt, which must be taken at the next opportunity.  This will be in August if a resit opportunity is offered for that module, otherwise the next attempt will take place in the following academic session.  Schools must advise students when the resit opportunity will be for each of their modules.

Registering for resit examinations and assessed work

Students who have resit opportunities remaining for failed modules will be able to apply for resits on the Results and Resit Application screen on the Student Services website available through Minerva when their final results are published. 

Postgraduate students whose results are still provisional when they need to apply for August resits will be able to download a Resit Application Form from the Provisional Marks page on Minerva.

A deadline for resit applications applies, after which the online application facility will be removed (see the Timeline of Events for dates). Students wishing to apply after the deadline must email the Exams Team.

It is essential that students register by the published deadline for all exams and assessed work that they intend to complete. A late fee will apply to applications received after the deadline, and the examination timetable will only reflect those modules for which applications have been made. Eligible students should be preparing for re-examination or re-assessment once their results are known.

Personal exam timetables are available online to all students who have applied and indicate the modules for re-examination and the date, time, location of the exam and the student's allocated seat number. Students can also refer to the published timetables displayed online.

There are two Banner reports which schools can run to find out which students have applied to resit:  SWROLRA for August resits; SWROLRC for external and carried module resits.

More information on applying for August resits and applying to resit carried modules is available to students.

Students sitting modules as "first attempts"

All "first attempts" must be authorised as such by the relevant Board/Committee of Examiners within the student's parent school.

The students should be notified in writing or face to face, and it should be made clear that accepting the first attempt will result in the original mark being expunged, even if the first attempt mark is lower. Once the student is clear on this, they should confirm in writing of their intention to accept the first attempt. It's recommended that a standard letter stating all modules affected be produced which the student should sign.

Once confirmation is received from the student, the school should update the progression tool (SWAPRGT) to flag which first attempts the student has accepted and when each first attempt will take place (flag with an A for an August first attempt, or C for a carried module first attempt to be taken in the next academic session).

The schools then produce the SWRPRFA report and forward this on to the Exams Team. The report shows all the students the school has flagged in the progression tool. The Exams Team will update SWARSIT/SFAREGS as necessary to show that all those on the SWRPRFA report have applied for a first attempt. This means that there will be no need for the students to apply online. (This part of the process should pend until the marks are in academic history, so if a school updates the tool in February but the results are not sent through until June Banner will not be updated immediately).

For more information on how to use the Progression Tool, please refer to the B270PT Progression Tool Banner training manual.

Resit fees

Resit fees are charged as follows:

  • £2 per credit (i.e. £20 for a 10 credit module) PLUS
  • £50 administration fee (increased to £100 after the stated deadline). 

The Exams Team will begin charging August resit fees to the students' University accounts from 1 August.  External and carried module resit fees will be charged after the deadline for resit applications has passed.  Students will receive a statement of fees by email once the charge has been made and must pay immediately.  Failure to pay will result in late payment administration charges of £20 per month until the debt is repaid in full.  

If the student has been granted "first attempt" reassessments, resit fees won't be charged.

Re-examination period

The August exam period takes place in the two weeks before the summer bank holiday weekend in late August. Actual times are published in the exam timetables - see the Timeline of Events for publication dates of timetables.

The times for the exam sessions may change from one year to the next depending on numbers of candidates, numbers of papers to be sat, rooms available and time available. Currently the sessions are:

  • 9.00am to 12.00 noon
  • 2.00pm to 5.00pm. 

Assessed work deadlines

Students should contact the teaching school directly to find out the deadlines for submitting assessed work.

    Cancelling a resit application

    Students should email the Exams Team to cancel a resit application.

    Cancellations may only be made up until the start of the exam period during which the resit will be taking place.  After this their application will stand and any resit fees will still be charged.  Students will lose an attempt if they do not take the resit.

    Resitting internally

    Only in exceptional circumstances will a student be allowed to resit internally:

    • The student has missed too much teaching to make any progress without further teaching.
    • The student has failed a laboratory module (element) and needs to use the laboratory facilities to be able to pass.
    • The student had mitigating circumstances and has been permitted to expunge the results of the year/semester and retake the whole year/semester internally as first attempts.

    Replacement modules

    Subject to the requirements of the programme of study, undergraduate candidates are permitted to replace a module only if:

    • the module is a discovery or optional module
    • the candidate has failed the first attempt at the module and not attempted a resit
    • the module is not a replacement module itself. 

    Any candidate wishing to replace a module should discuss this with their parent school before the August re-examination period. After this time, they will be marked absent for the second attempt and will be unable to replace the module the following session. Students will take the exam for the replacement module at the end of either Semester 1 or Semester 2 when the exam or assessment is next offered. However, students will only be able to achieve a mark of 40 in the replacement module. Students may only achieve more than 40 if they have received prior approval from the relevant Faculty Special Cases Committee.

    Students will be allowed two attempts to pass the replacement module under the old rule and one under the new rule.

    The replaced module will be made RD on Banner and will remain on the student's transcript. The replacement module will be recorded on Banner as RM.