Exam timetables

There are three exam periods in each academic year. The Exams & Progress team produces a number of timetables before each exam period (draft and final timetables for semesters 1 and 2 and one final timetable for August resits).

Every version of the exam timetable is forwarded to each school and also appears online.

Students can access their personal exam timetable on the Student Services website available via Minerva.

It is a student's responsibility to consult the timetables, raise any queries or concerns with their school and make adequate preparations to attend the exams. Each timetable shows:

  • date of exam
  • start time of exam
  • duration of exam
  • title of exam (module code and short title)
  • exam location (building name and room number, applies to final timetables only).

Where a school has queries or concerns with the data contained in the timetables, these should be emailed immediately to examinationsofficer@leeds.ac.uk.

Where a clash is identified, students must notify the Exams & Progress team immediately, who will then try to alter the timetable. Where the clash is unavoidable, advice on necessary procedures will be provided (see below).

Aims in Timetabling

When producing a timetable, the Exams & Progress team aims to schedule all University examinations so that each candidate is able to attend all exams in their programme of study, where

(i) exam clashes are avoided and provision for clashes is made where a clash occurs and the timetable cannot be altered;

(ii) a direct succession of three or more exams is avoided (where such a continuum includes afternoon to next morning);

(iii) a direct succession of three-hour papers is avoided;

(iv) exams during a Sabbath or a holy day are avoided where possible for candidates who have given notice to the Exams & Progress team of their religious commitments on those dates;

(v) for health or access reasons, exams are held in a designated room for candidates who have been approved as requiring attendance in such a room for exam purposes.

Where any of the above is not arranged in a timetable, the Exams & Progress team should be contacted immediately. Every effort will be made to schedule exams as indicated above, but the University reserves the right to hold exams as per a ‘best fit’ timetable if no alternatives can be arranged.

Draft timetable

A draft timetable is published before semester 1 and Semester 2 exams and indicates proposed dates and times of exams for examined modules.

It is important that both schools and students check the draft timetable and inform the Exams & Progress team of any issues and concerns prior to the final version of the timetable being published for the forthcoming exam period.

The final version and the timetable with venues

Following any feedback received relating to the draft timetable, a final version of the timetable is published.

The timetable with venues is published a few weeks later. From this time, students' personal exam timetables will include the room name and the allocated seat number for each exam.

Examination periods 

There are three University examination periods each year: one at the end of each semester and a resit period that starts before the summer bank holiday weekend in late August.  Dates of exam periods can be found in the Timeline of Events.

Exams may be held on any of the days within the published examination period, and students must be available for full duration of each exam period. Students can view their personal exam timetable via the Portal through the examinations tab.

Separate timetables may be issued at school level: for example, in the schools of Medicine, Dentistry or Healthcare.

Examination times

Exam session times may vary, but ordinarily are as follows:

  • Morning exams - 9am to 12 noon 
  • Afternoon exams - 2pm to 5pm