Assessment papers

For the academic year 2021/22, there is an expectation that most assessment will be online (i.e. digital and electronic submissions).  However, some assessments will necessarily need to take place on campus (e.g. performances, laboratory work, etc.).

Staff should visit the Process Management SharePoint site to retrieve templates for Online Time Limited Assessment (48 hours or less) and/or the paper-based assessment question paper templates.  Please note staff will be required to login to this site using their University of Leeds username and password.  If you are unsure of how to access the site staff members should contact their Functional Manager.

Once on the site, you will be able to access the Process document which clearly shows the different templates.  You will also be able to access the Preparation of Assessment Papers and Online Time Limited Assessments with a duration of 48 Hours or Less Guidance which gives full and clear information on the differences of each of the templates and the requirements of information which each template should display.  As well as some useful tips on inclusive language and format.

Staff must ensure that the Assessment Approval process (also available on the Process Management SharePoint site) is carried out thoroughly before submitting online time-limited assessments to the School SES and assessment papers to Assessment & Progress Team (A&P).

Guidelines for submission of Online Time Limited assessments

Papers can be submitted by email to the school SES team. Online Time Limited Assessments should be converted to PDF files prior to being emailed to ensure that formatting is preserved.  Formatting issues, which may not be spotted until the assessment, could arise if assessments are submitted in any other file types such as Word documents.

Guidelines for submission of assessment papers

For any on-campus assessments, the assessment papers must be submitted to A&P by the deadlines published in the timeline.

Papers can be submitted by email. Papers should be converted to PDF files prior to being emailed to ensure that formatting is preserved.  Formatting issues, which may not be spotted until the exam, could arise if papers are submitted in any other file types such as Word documents.


Diagrams should be submitted in black ink.

Revised assessment papers

If it becomes necessary to submit a revised assessment paper, schools are asked to clearly mark the new paper "Version 2" alongside the module code. The invigilator may also be asked to make an announcement before the start of the assessment to ensure all candidates have the correct version of the paper.

Where an amendment to an assessment paper has to be made at the start of or during an assessment, this information must be relayed to the nearest A&P sub-office. The relevant details will then be reported to all students sitting the assessment in Special Circumstances.

Any paper that is found to have an error and requires re-printing will be done so at a financial cost to the school.

External examiner’s comments

Where an external examiner's comments are required, schools are reminded not to transmit proposed papers or the examiner's comments by fax. Papers should not be submitted for printing until final approval by the external examiner has been confirmed. Please make sure the approved Online Time Limited Assessments are submitted to the school SES team and assessment papers are still submitted to A&P by the deadline. 

August resit assessment papers

Schools are asked to provide August resit papers as soon after the semester 2 assessment period as possible, but no later than the published deadline (see the deadline published in the timeline).

Resit papers will be not be made available to students after the assessments. 

Special resit papers

Where the syllabus for a module has changed and a student resitting the module requires a paper for the earlier syllabus, a special paper must be provided. It is the school's responsibility to inform A&P of this necessity on the assessment schedule

Past assessment papers

Past assessment papers from 2003 onwards are available online. Schools should indicate at the time of submitting the paper to A&P those papers that should not be made available to students after the assessment. These will then be printed on pink paper. As in previous years, and unless otherwise requested, all August re-assessment papers and multiple-choice question papers will not be made available to students after the assessments.  Where an online time limited assessment (48 hours or less) has taken place and the schools wish for these to be included on the Past assessment papers page, the school should supply A&P with a copy of the paper (PDF format).

In July/August each year, schools will be sent a list of exam papers from that year which have been identified as being suitable for publishing online. Schools are asked to confirm that the papers may be released on the web and to send electronic versions of the papers, which can be uploaded to the Past assessment papers page. These papers will then be made available online from October/November.