Assessment schedule

Each semester, the Assessment & Progress Team sends schools a schedule listing modules with a formal assessment taking place during the next assessment period. The schedule is used to gather information about assessment requirements.

Action needed by staff in schools

Schools are asked to confirm several pieces of information for each assessment including:

  • Which assessment will be active in the coming assessment period, including their duration and style of assessment.
  • Which papers need to be scheduled simultaneously plus any particular scheduling requests.
  • The printing requirements for each assessment and if any additional materials are required (for on-campus assessments).
  • Any special resit papers.

This information is added to a database which is used to plan the management of assessment across the University. 

For on-campus assessments, Assessment question papers should be submitted in camera-ready copy by the dates shown in the timeline. Schools are urged to contact the Assessment & Progress Team immediately if any potential difficulty in meeting the deadlines is recognised.

For on-campus assessments, Schools should provide the name of the Module Manager (or another nominated module contact) for each assessment to cover any instances of problems or queries arising with the paper during the assessment in the absence of an examiner.