Change of programme

Students do not have an automatic entitlement to change programme, but if places are available and the student meets entry criteria they may be permitted to move to a new programme.

A student enquiring about a potential change of programme will be required to complete this Change of Programme Initial Enquiry Form in the first instance. The proposed new Parent School will receive an email notification of the enquiry, which they will consider according to local criteria.

If the student is a international student holding a Student/Tier 4 visa AND the change would result in a change of programme duration, the Student Visa Compliance Team ( must be consulted before the change is approved. It is essential that immigration compliance restrictions are checked and that the student receives immigration advice before a change of programme is approved. If approved, this will then enable students to request their new CAS and make their new Student/Tier 4 visa application without delay. 

International students holding a Student/Tier 4 visa who will be undertaking a work placement or study abroad year can apply for their new Student/Tier 4 leave (visa) before or after their work placement/year abroad as long as this is done before their current leave expires. For further information regarding the process, please see our work placements and study abroad visa page.

Once a change of programme request is approved, the proposed new Parent School will ask the student to complete a full Change of Programme Formal Submission Form and will update the student record in Banner on receipt of the completed form.

Full details of the new process are detailed in the Operational Guidance.

For more information about students changing programme, contact your local Programme Support Manager.