Room usage

Find out about the terms and conditions of room usage and other information that may be helpful when using a room.

Terms and conditions

By booking a room you are accepting our terms and conditions of usage (PDF) and protocol on freedom of expression (PDF).

Room information and assistance

To view information about the room including photos and directions please check the room information pages.

If you encounter any problems with the room(s) you have booked please contact Facilities Support Services.

Health and safety

If your room booking is for an event, a risk assessment may be required. For further guidance, including definition of an 'event', please make sure you check the Health and safety services website.

Guest speakers

If you are hosting a guest speaker who will require a login for University PCs they can apply for a username from IT Services.


Please note that catering is not allowed in the following collaborative teaching rooms:

Charles Thackrah SR G.05 

Charles Thackrah SR G.07 

Charles Thackrah SR G.29 

Esther Simpson SR 3.01

Esther Simpson SR 3.02

Mechanical Engineering LT B 

Roger Stevens LT 04

Roger Stevens LT 08

Roger Stevens LT 12

Roger Stevens LT 16

William Bragg SR GR.18

Worsley Dental LT