Fresh Start Festival 2022

Help us give students a Fresh Start

This January, the University and LUU are working together to put on a week of activities after exams (Monday 24 January – Sunday 30 January) for all students, to reengage existing students with everything on offer at Leeds and welcome new starters joining us in January.

While there has been more on campus activity this semester, many students tell us they haven’t quite found their place or their people yet, and many aren’t aware of all the support, opportunities and activities available to them. Many want to make more connections with others in their own academic discipline – both students and staff. We also have new starters who are either starting their studies in January or who haven’t been able to join us yet due to travel restrictions.

We want to create a week that brings the whole Leeds community together, giving people the chance to meet, socialise, share food, learn new things and enjoy everything campus has to offer. This isn’t freshers’ week, though it will have some similar themes. We want it to appeal to all kinds of students, whatever their background and interest, and to start to rebuild some of the shared community spirit that’s been lost due to Covid.
We’re calling this the Fresh Start Festival and we need your help to bring it to life.

How can staff get involved with the Festival?

You can do as much or as little as you like to support the Festival, from putting on a networking event in your school to simply sharing what’s coming up in your regular communications with students, or sharing our promotional slide at the start of a teaching session to encourage them to see what’s on.

Connection seems to be a key priority for students so you might want to think about:

  • Organising networking opportunities for students to meet and spend time with their peers and staff
  • Hosting informal meet ups to help students make connections, like drops-ins and coffee mornings
  • Putting on Ted- Talk style events to encourage students to explore their area of study further

If you would like to get involved and set up a stall, talk or event, contact project manager Kate Bennett to share your plans. There is funding available so don’t be put off if budget is an issue.

We appreciate how much you’re already doing to help our students feel at home in Leeds and hope you can support us with this initiative, in whatever way you’re able.