University prizes

The University awards student prizes at twice-yearly graduation ceremonies, in summer and in December. This page explains how prizes are given and processed.

Nominating a prize winner

Twice a year, the Programmes and Assessment (Events) team sends the named prize contact in each academic school:

  • a memorandum, listing the official University prizes which that school can award
  • a prize form (the "Notification of Prize Winners and Authority for Payment Form").

These documents are sent ahead of graduation and give a deadline for their return, to allow time for printed graduation ceremony programmes to include details of finalist prize awardees.

To check or change the named prize contact, or to request the prize form at other times of the year, contact the Events team.

Official University prizes list

The list of official University prizes is maintained by the Events team and any requests for a prize to be added to this list must be submitted to them. Under no circumstances may a school amend the prize form to include additional prizes, which have not yet been approved.

Nomination completion details

The prize memorandum includes gives these instructions to prize contacts:

If the prize is awarded

  • Student ID number.
  • Student name.
  • Account number/cost object if there is a cash prize, so we can pay the student. Note: If you leave this blank, the prize will not be paid because we will assume the value is not monetary.
  • Write "N/A" in the cost object if the prize is not cash.
  • Indicate in the box if the student is a finalist, so we know whether to include their name in the degree ceremony programme. Only finalists are included in the programme.


The form must be signed  by:
  • the prize contact who filled out the form
  • an authorised signatory

Processing prize awards

Once the properly-authorised prize form has been received, the Events team will officially record the prize and include each of the awardees on their graduation ceremony programme, if applicable.

The prize form will then be forwarded to the Student Finance team so that any monetary value prizes can be processed. If a cost object number has not been provided, no prize will be paid.

Once the Student Finance team has included any monetary prizes on the University’s payment system, they will email (via their University email account) any awarded students who have not yet provided their bank details and ask them to do so. They must do this via the University’s secure Student Portal. There are instructions to help students on inputting your bank details into the Portal on the SES student website.


Prizes can only be paid to UK bank accounts. Recipients of monetary prizes should receive their award on the second Tuesday after the prizes have been input on the University’s payment system by the Student Finance team and the student has provided bank details.