How to Access your Online Timetable and Classlists

We recommend you check your staff online timetable to make sure it reflects the teaching you expect to deliver, you can find this by logging into MyTimetable* via Minerva.

*Launched in January 2021, MyTimetable is a new, visually improved way to view your timetable.

How to view your online timetable

Open a web browser and navigate to Minerva.

  • Enter your (e.g. into the Username field.
  • Enter your password into the Password field.
  • Click on the Login button (you may need to complete the DUO security check).
  • Under ‘Tools and Other University Systems’ select MyTimetable.

This will take you to MyTimetable. From here, you can either remain on the default mobile site (where you can see your upcoming activities) or navigate to the desktop site (where you have more viewing options).

To navigate to the desktop site, go to the main menu (icon on the top left corner), scroll down and select ‘Go to desktop site’. Once on the desktop site, you can select day, week, month, or list from the tabs across the top of the page. To return to the mobile view, just select ‘Mobile’ from the top of the page.

Draft staff timetables are published in early July and finalised in early September; your School Timetabler will remind you of these dates as part of the timetabling process.

How to view your classlists

You can continue to access your class lists through Faculty Services, instructions for which can be found below:

Log onto Faculty Services

  • Log onto Minerva.
  • Under ‘Staff’ select ‘Faculty Services’.
  • Enter your (e.g. into the Username field.
  • Enter your password into the Password field.
  • Click on the Login button.

View your classlists

Once you have logged into Faculty Services, click on the Student Information tab.

  • Click on the Student List by activity/session link.
  • On the page that opens, select the relevant activity from the Activity list.
  • Click on the Submit button.
  • If you scroll to the bottom of the resulting list of students, you will be presented with the option to
    • Mail All – this will give you a list of email addresses that you can cut and paste into the To or BCC field of the email you want to send.
    • Export to Excel – click this button and then the OK button to view or save the list.