Naming conventions in Syllabus Plus

To help students understand their timetables, the names of activities in Syllabus Plus should be as consistent as possible. This is a reference to make sure you follow the naming convention correctly.

Activity templates

Activities are generated from activity templates, and activity names are based on the name of the template. Template names are in the format:

ARAB111101/LEC 1


  • ARAB111101 is the name of the module; and 
  • LEC 1 is the activity type.

The activity type relates to the structure of the module. You will have one template for each group of activities the student must attend. For example, if students on ARAB111101 had to attend one lecture and one seminar each week, but the students are split into two groups for the seminars, there would be two templates: ARAB111101/LEC 1 - containing one lecture activity which all the students are allocated to;
ARAB111101/SEM 1 - containing two seminar activities which the students are split between.
This is the purpose of the activity template, i.e. to ensure that activities are properly structured in order to allow the students to be allocated correctly.


Activity names are generated from the activity template, and are in the format:

ARAB111101/LEC 1/01

The /01 relates to the number of occurrences of the activity. For example, if the students were divided into three groups for the first seminar, the activities would be called: 

  • ARAB111101/SEM 1/01
  • ARAB111101/SEM 1/02 
  • ARAB111101/SEM 1/03.

If students had to attend all three groups, the activities would be called: 

  • ARAB111101/SEM 1/01
  • ARAB111101/SEM 2/01 
  • ARAB111101/SEM 3/01 (based on three separate activity templates).

The consistent activity type indicates that students attend one of the three, rather than all three.

If you need to add any further information to activity names for management purposes - for example, if an activity has been split into two activities across the two semesters in order to allocate a room - this information should be enclosed as follows:

  • ARAB111101/LEC 1/01<semester 1>
  • ARAB111101/LEC 1/01<semester 2>

These brackets prevent the information from displaying on web timetables, and avoid cluttering student timetables with unnecessary information, while making the information available for you to view.

You should also use this convention where separate activities are created to allocate staff to different weeks of an activity: ARAB111101/LEC 1/01<RT>, where "RT" is the initials of the member of staff.