Communicating with students and postgraduate researchers.

This page tells you about the central channels we use to communicate university-wide messages and how we can support you in reaching your audience.  

This page was last updated on 17 October 2023

Students get their information from a variety of different sources, including websites, different social media channels, emails, newsletters, staff and other students!

The Student Communication and Engagement team communicates to all taught students. As such, the messages are broad and often quite general. If you are looking to reach smaller groups of students then we recommend speaking to us for advice and further contacts.

As well as providing advice, we may be able to help amplify your communications by:

  • Retweeting your tweets – tag @UoLStudents and we’ll retweet, if possible.
  • Including a brief summary of your news, campaign or event in our student newsletter, if appropriate.
  • Providing you with guidance and contacts to make sure that staff know about your content – if appropriate. 
  • Suggesting additional further ways of reaching current students, including paid for promoted social media adverts, display screens across campus, or speaking to school or service communication colleagues.

Student newsletter

We send our student newsletter every fortnight. Occassionally there may be changes to this.

Currently, email with any requests, and we’ll provide a link in the next week or two for content submissions. 

These are the upcoming themes and dates. 

Week 9: 16 October  

  • Theme: Making the most of your money (cost of living hub, budgeting, FAF, Santander giveaway) 

Week 10: 23 October  

  • Theme: Wellbeing 

Week 11: 30 October  

  • Theme: What if Uni isn’t what you thought it would be? 

Week 12:  

Week 13: 13 November 

  • Theme: Academic skills (Academic integrity, Skills@Library, study tips etc.)  
  • Exams content to begin, leading through to assessments in January 

Week 14:  

Week 15: 27 November  

  • Theme: Prepping for the holidays (gifting on a budget, traveling on a budget, sustainability when you’re leaving Leeds etc.)  

Week 16:  

Week 17: 11 December  

  • Theme: What’s on over the holidays (content for students staying in Leeds over the break, tips/tricks to studying over the holidays, reminders for Fresh Start etc.)  

Note we may need to edit this to fit the style, space and theme of the newsletter, and there may be times when your submission isn’t able to be published.

If you have any questions or need to get a message out to students urgently, please email the Student Communications and Engagement team: