Scholarships, studentships and prizes

Having regard to the academic priorities of the University and the policy of the Graduate Board.

  • To promote the recruitment of postgraduate students through the use of University and endowed Scholarships and externally funded Scholarships where relevant;
  • To proactively seek further funding opportunities for University postgraduate scholarships where possible;
    To administer specified University prizes, bursaries, scholarships and postgraduate studentships;
  • To award specified prizes, bursaries, scholarships and postgraduate studentships from funds made available for the purpose and in accordance with regulations approved by the Group;
  • To determine which individual applications for scholarships and studentships are sent forward to outside bodies in cases where the University is required to apply a selective process. 
  • To report annually to the Faculty Management Group on the disbursement of any funds made available by the Committee and to make recommendations, as appropriate, to the Graduate Board on issues of principle and policy.

Membership of the Group on Scholarships, Studentships & Prizes

Chair:  Professor Richard Hall (2014-19)

One academic representative from each of the Faculties with experience of PGR supervision and examination:  

Arts, Humanities and Cultures:  Dr Vien Cheung (2016-19)

Biological Sciences:  Professor Alex Breeze (2015-21)  

Business:  Dr Kausik Chaudhuri (2017-20)

Education, Social Sciences & Law:  Dr Adrian Gallagher (2018-21)

Engineering:  Professor Abbas Dehgani (2017-19)

Environment:  Dr Ian Burke (2017-20)

Mathematics & Physical Sciences:  Dr Kevin Critchley (2016-19)

Medicine & Health:  Dr Jelena Havelka (2018-20)

It is customary to invite the Education Officer of the University Union and the Director of Development (Michelle Calvert) to attend the annual policy meeting of the Group.  

Appointment of Faculty Representatives on the Group is the responsibility of the Faculty Graduate School Committee.

Role Description for the Chair of the Group on Scholarships, Studentships and Prizes

The role descriptor for the Chair of Group on Scholarships, Studentships and Prizes and can be found:
Chair of GSSP - role description