Programmes of study and audit group

The Programmes of Study and Audit Group is responsible for matters concerning postgraduate researchers (PGRs) as follows:

  1. To develop, implement, review and monitor University policy and procedures in relation to the arrangements for research degree candidatures, as required by the Graduate Board; 
  2. To take appropriate action, as required by the Graduate Board, in relation to the maintenance of quality and standards for research degree programmes;  
  3. To participate in the University's PGR periodic review;
  4. To send forward recommendations to the Graduate Board on the following matters, where appropriate: the introduction of new research programmes of study and amendments to existing programmes and associated courses; proposed amendments to Ordinances and Regulations for research degrees. 
  5. To consider, reach decisions upon, and report upon, matters relating to the research degree candidatures of individual PGRs including the following: admission of PGRs; transfers from a provisional registration category to full degree registration, suspensions and extensions to the period of study.
  6. Liaison and consultation with Faculty Graduate School Committees as necessary;
  7. Liaison and consultation with other Groups of the Graduate Board as necessary. 

Membership of the Programmes of Study & Audit Group 

  • Chair - Dr Mic Spencer (2014-2019) 

One academic representative from each of the Faculties with experience of PGR supervision and examination: 

  • Arts, Humanities and Cultures - Dr Michael Allis (2017-20) 
  • Biological Sciences - Dr Ronaldo Ichiyama (2018-2021) 
  • Business - Dr Gabriella Alberti (2017-2019) 
  • Environment - Dr Fiona Gill (2017-2020)  (Dr Ian Burke from 01/08 - 31/12/18)
  • Education, Social Sciences & Law - Dr Aisha Walker (2018-2021) 
  • Engineering - Professor Frans Muller (2018-2021) 
  • Mathematics and Physical Sciences - Professor Malcolm Halcrow (2016-2019)
  • Medicine and Health - Dr Elena Jones (2015-2019) 


  • Representative of the Taught Student Education Board (also a Pro-Dean for Student Education) - TBC


  • A PGR Representative* to be appointed by Leeds University Union

Appointment of Faculty Representatives on the Group is the responsibility of the Faculty Graduate School Committee.

Chair of PSAG - Role Description

Dates of Meetings (2018/19)

  • 12 November 2018
  • 28 January 2019
  • 25 March 2019
  • 20 May 2019