Module evaluation survey statements

Module evaluation surveys at the University must include a set of core statements for students to respond to.

Core (required) statements

The set of 10 core statements, which module evaluation surveys must include in full, is:

Overall satisfaction

1. Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of the module.

Teaching on the module

2. The teaching on this module was of a high standard.
3. Teaching staff were enthusiastic about the module.

Module content

4. The material taught was relevant to the module Learning Outcomes.
5. The module content was intellectually stimulating.
6. The content of the module was informed by relevant research and/or practice.

Academic support

7. Sufficient support and guidance was available from the teaching staff when needed in the module.
8. I received constructive feedback on my work during the module which helped me assess my progress.

Learning resources

9. Support materials and resources were of a high standard and supported my learning well.
10. The online learning resources enhanced my learning on the module.

Additional statements

The module evaluation should include the option for students to provide informative free text comments, including an opportunity for schools to obtain feedback on specific topics.  

Scoring Methodology

 All core (required) statements, outlined above, require a response based on a 5 point Likert scale with the following scoring system:

Likert scoring table
 Response Text  Definitely agree  Mostly agree  Neither agree nor disgagree  Mostly disagree  Definitely disagree
 Score  5 3  1