Student education review - overview

The Head of School (or nominee, usually the Director of Student Education) is responsible for ensuring that the processes of evaluation, review and reflection are undertaken, in line with university policy.

The outcomes of module review and programme review are considered at Annual School Review (Student Education) meetings. 

Purpose of academic review

The University's review processes are to ensure that its programmes of study are current and appropriately structured. The processes also give reassurance that the quality of the student learning experience is managed effectively across the University.

Programme and module review

The objectives of the programme and module review procedures are to:

  • monitor student experience at the module and programme level
  • maintain the currency and research focus of programmes
  • address concerns raised by students, external examiners, professional bodies
  • identify areas in need of enhancement
  • identify good practice worthy of wider dissemination
  • reduce unnecessary bureaucracy and make the process efficient in terms of staff time, so that they can concentrate on enhancement.

School procedures

School procedures will continue to be scrutinised as part of Student Academic Experience Review and, where significant weaknesses are identified, a process of comprehensive, formal, annual module and programme review may be required. Schools should therefore keep full documentation of their procedures for programme and module review.