Annual School Review (Student Education)

An Annual School Review (Student Education) will be organised by the Quality Assurance team each year to review the school's progress and the subsequent report will form part of the annual planning round.

What is an Annual School Review (Student Education)?

An Annual School Review (Student Education) is carried out by each Faculty Taught Student Education Committee (FTSEC) for all its schools every year unless a Student Academic Experience Review (SAER) is scheduled for that academic session. It is a two-hour meeting within the school with representatives from FTSEC and the Student Education Service team.



The Annual School Review (Student Education) exists to:

  • monitor each school's engagement with rolling review processes and compliance with University quality assurance and quality enhancement processes
  • provide a chance to discuss the school's engagement with key strategic enhancement priorities
  • give the senior team the chance to discuss taught student education, including the programme portfolio and the response to student feedback
  • provide an annual opportunity to think about risks and weaknesses and how to combat them in future
  • recognise good practice and what could be learned from this
  • generate information and data for the faculty integrated planning exercise (IPE) discussions


The meeting should:

  • be arranged and serviced by the Quality Assurance team
  • be chaired by the Pro-Dean for Student Education
  • include the Head of School, Director of Student Education, other senior school staff and representatives of both the student base and the faculty outside of the school
  • focus on accountability as well as improvement
  • include a thematic agenda as chosen each year by the Taught Student Education Board (see below)

Thematic elements

Every year the Taught Student Education Board (TSEB) chooses a thematic element to fit in with taught student education priorities for the session. This will be included in the agenda for all Annual School Reviews (Student Education).


All Annual School Review (Student Education) meetings will follow a common agenda, although there will be opportunity to discuss issues relevant to an individual school/faculty. The agenda is agreed annually in consultation with the Pro Deans for Student Education.


The Quality Assurance team will provide all documentation for the ASR, working in consultation with the School. Documentation is circulated one week in advance of the meeting. 


After the meeting, the following should happen: 

  • follow up actions take place under the responsibility of the Head of School and Director of Student Education
  • a report of the annual school review is submitted to FTSEC and Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) who then become responsible for making sure resulting actions are followed through
  • the report forms part of the documentation for the annual planning round (IPE).