Continuing professional development

Approval processes for continuing professional development.

Continuing professional development (CPD) in the University describes short or long training programmes, which:

  • develop employment-related knowledge, skills and understanding, and/or
  • are aimed mainly at developing or updating the skills of people already in employment, or in the labour market but not actually employed.

The CPD may, or may not, carry credits. This is known as credit-bearing or non-credit-bearing CPD and will affect the assurance process you need to follow.

CPD provision is an integral element of a school’s taught provision portfolio. Schools are responsible for maintaining a register of all their credit-bearing and non-credit bearing CPD courses and activities.

It is important that the University has an accurate CPD record for reporting to the Higher Education Business and Community Interaction (HE-BCI) survey which collects financial and output data related to knowledge exchange. 

Pro forma for new CPD 

For all new CPD modules, courses, programme and events aimed at industry and wider partners (not existing staff or students), you will need to complete the pro forma for new CPD (Word) and separate CPD financial costings spreadsheet.

Once the pro forma and costings template are completed and signed, they should be sent to:
The pro forma will then be considered at the next CPD Approval Group meeting, and (subject to approval) recorded accurately for the University's annual CPD return. Acknowledging the fast pace required to meet the needs of businesses, we will be responsive and can consider proposals electronically.    

Non credit-bearing CPD

Non credit-bearing CPD courses include summer schools and other short courses for which no credit is awarded by the University.

Credit-bearing CPD

If the CPD carries credits, the University’s normal quality assurance procedures for modules and programmes (including collaborative provision) apply. Completion of the CPD pro forma is an additional step required when modules or programmes are to be offered externally as CPD.

Additional points to consider

If you are considering offering online or blended learning CPD, please consult with the Digital Education Service or your Faculty Digital Education Academic Lead.

If you have any queries regarding the approval process for CPD, please send an email to:  and we will be happy to help and offer advice.