Examiner's preliminary report form (before the viva)

Each examiner should read the thesis carefully and independently of the other examiner(s), bearing in mind the criteria for the award of the degree.  Before the oral examination, each examiner must prepare a preliminary report. 

This report must contain brief, preliminary thoughts but must not contain any recommendation relating to the award (or not) of the degree. Each examiner must also complete an independent preliminary report form in the case of a resubmission following referral.

Two report templates are provided depending on whether the thesis is a first submission or a resubmission following referral:

Examiner’s preliminary report form - first submission

Examiner’s individual report form – resubmission

The report may be handwritten or typed.  If handwritten please use black ink/biro and ensure that you write legibly.

Before the oral examination

Each examiner must complete their preliminary report independently of the other examiner(s) before exchange, or discussing the thesis with the other examiner(s). On the day of the oral examination the examiners should arrange to meet together before seeing the PGR in order to decide upon areas for discussion and any issues on which clarification should be sought. The preliminary reports should be discussed by the examiners and will assist them in deciding upon the structure of the examination and in identifying specific topics for discussion. This discussion will enable the Examiners to plan the structure of the oral examination and ensure that all relevant issues are addressed appropriately

After the oral examination

The preliminary reports of all examiners should be attached to the final, joint report of the examiners (prepared after the oral examination) and should be returned to Postgraduate Research and Operations for consideration by the Graduate Board’s Examinations Group.

Preliminary reports are not automatically released to the PGR but will be released if requested (only after the joint report of the examiners has been considered and approved by the Examinations Group). In the event of an adverse academic decision (referral, MPhil award on PhD or fail) PGRs will be advised that the preliminary reports are available on request.

The instructions to examiners cover in detail the responsibilities and duties of the examiners before, during and after the oral examination (viva), including the requirements for the preliminary report form.