Accreditation (taught programmes)

A number of our programmes have external accreditation.

Schools are required to declare which of their programmes are accredited by professional, statutory and regulatory bodies (PSRBs), what the accreditation or inspection arrangements are and inform the QA Team of amendments. The QA Team maintain an accurate database of all accreditations across the institution.

Schools are required to provide the reports and any action plans arising from accreditation visits to enable the QA Functional lead to upload the documents to a central repository. Reports from the PSRBs are considered through academic review processes.

The QA Team review accreditation reports and produce an annual report to the Taught Student Education Board (TSEB) outlining the institutional status of PSRB and accreditations, and highlighting any issues of institutional significance.

More details can be found in the Policy on PSRBs and Accreditation.